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Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 release date prediction, rumored specs & price speculation

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Updated: Jul 26, 2023 10:51 am
Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 release date prediction, rumored specs & price speculation

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Time for current speculation all about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 release date, specs, and price. We should disclaim that not much is official at the moment, but there is still plenty going around the web which can give us a good idea of what to expect. With the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked July event due to take place on July 26th, this is the perfect time to wonder about the Watch 6 development.

Is the Watch 6 coming out soon? Well, Samsung haven’t quite got to that yet, but we can chat more about the upcoming wearable. It’s obviously expected to be an improvement over last year’s device. Early rumors have already been surfacing for a while now, so there’s plenty to sink your teeth into.

Samsung Galaxy Watch release date history

The Samsung Galaxy Watch series has been going strong since back in 2018. In that time, there have been a number of models released to the world, between the main series and the Watch Active. The two Watch Active models were released in 2019 and there hasn’t been once since, so we’re going to focus on the main series of smartwatches.

Let’s get a good understanding of when Samsung releases new wearables. We’ve made a distinction between when they were launched/revealed, and when they were actually released – this will be relevant when figuring out a release date! As you may notice, there is no Watch 2. This was a marketing decision to avoid confusion with the Galaxy Watch Active 2.

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch: August 9, 2018 (announced) / August 24, 2018 (released in US)
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: August 5, 2020 (announced & released)
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 / Watch 4 Classic: August 11, 2021 (announced) / August 27, 2021 (released)
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 / Watch 5 Pro: August 10, 2022 (announced) / August 26, 2022 (released)

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 release date prediction

The Samsung Galaxy Watch release date history reveals that the series has had a fairly stable pattern, with each device seeing a launch closely-followed by availability within August. As for the exact date though, this fluctuated a little bit, but has followed the same pattern in the past two years. The Galaxy Unpacked event usually takes place on a Wednesday, and this is what we’re seeing this year yet again – as Samsung officially announced it takes place on July 26, a little earlier than usual.

For the Watch 4 and Watch 5, the reveal on Wednesday was followed by the release date two weeks later on Friday. Based on that, this year we place our Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 release date prediction as August 11, 2023. We expect Samsung to follow the same pattern as the past couple of years. Whether the Watch 6 is released alone or with a Classic / Pro variant is yet to be seen – though the Classic is the more expected of the two for the latest lineup.

What are the Galaxy Watch 6 specs & features rumors?

Not too much was known about the Galaxy Watch 6 specs, but more leaks have surfaced just before we get the full picture at the Unpacked event. As such, Tom’s Guide reports on leaked specs as listed below.

  • Display: 1.31″ OLED display (40mm model) / 1.47″ OLED display (44mm model)
  • Resolution: 432 x 432 (40mm model) / 480 x 480 (44mm)
  • Material: Sapphire crystal glass screen, as we previously saw on the Watch 5 Pro, for both models
  • CPU: Exynos W930 processor
  • Memory: 2GB RAM & 16GB storage
  • Battery: 300mAh (40mm model) / 425mAh (44mm model)
  • Bezel: Watch 6 bezel-less / Watch 6 classic physical rotating bezel

We go into more detail below regarding current leaks and rumors!

Firstly, Samsung (as always) are looking to compete with the popular Apple Watch in terms of safety & health features – this time with the Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification to support the heart rate monitor feature. Tom’s Guide reports that this life-saving feature will be added to the Samsung Health Monitor app through an update to One UI 5, which is a newer skin version based on Google’s Wear OS. Samsung already announced the feature, which proactively monitors your heart’s rhythm to detect any irregularities you aren’t aware of.

Galaxy Watch Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification feature
Image source: Samsung

Current rumors report on a increase in the battery size though. Dutch outlet GalaxyClub refer to some leaked certifications which reveal a jump up to a 300mAh battery from the 284mAh we saw in the Watch 5 for the 40mm body. As for the Pro or Classic model, this increase could go as high as 425mAh battery in a 44mm body. So, we may see a longer battery life.

Another hardware change to expect is the improved SoC (system-on-a-chip), which will deliver faster performance. AndroidAuthority reports this to be the Exynos W930 SoC, featuring an upgraded processor. This has been spotted via regulatory filings from Samsung and the new SoC will replace the older W920 chipset which is featured in the Watch 5 and Watch 4.

We can also talk a little about the display and overall design of the Galaxy Watch 6. Prominent leaker Ice Universe (@UniverseIce on Twitter) has previously said that the new smartwatch will return to the curved glass design over the flat display, much like Google’s Pixel Watch. For the base model, a Super AMOLED display is rumored, with an increase in screen size from 1.4″ to 1.47″ at a 470 x 470 resolution.

Further leaks say that Samsung will indeed be releasing a Classic variant again this year, fit with rotating bezels and possibly even a titanium body. Early leaked renders of the Classic model have surfaced on the web, check a couple of them out below.

How much could the Galaxy Watch 6 price be?

The Galaxy Watch series offers some premium devices, which is of course reflected in the price. Last year we saw the Watch 5 release with the Pro variant, sitting at a higher price point than the base model. Prior to that, the Watch 4 had a ‘Classic’ variant, with one of the key differences being the physical rotating bezel to accompany the more classic look. To compare, here’s how prices looked in the previous two years.

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 price: $279
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro price: $499
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 price: $249.99
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic price: $349

As you can see, there is some contrast between prices. We don’t yet know whether we’ll get a Pro or Classic model for the Galaxy Watch 6, but we expect a more expensive option at the very least. So far, Classic model rumors have been ramping up more, as you can see from the leaked renders above. Speculating that the base model will sit under the $300 mark seems like a safe bet for the time being.

Be sure to check out the Galaxy Watch 6 reservation and pre-order details so far too!

What we want to see in Galaxy Watch 6

While we eagerly await the reveal of the Galaxy Watch 6 (incredibly soon), we want to throw out a few things that we want to see. For regular users of a smartwatch, you may be missing out on a more tactile feeling from more traditional-style watches. That’s where the Galaxy Watch Classic model comes in, and something we missed out on last year. We want to see Samsung return to the classic model to give us fans of the more tactile and larger size a fresh option. Based on what we’ve seen so far though, we should be in luck.

Another thing we want to see is better compatibility for users of third-party phones. In other words, better support for those of us who don’t have a matching Samsung phone to pair up with the Galaxy Watch 6. Since the Watch line-up has been on Google’s WearOS since Watch 4, we can only expect compatibility to be improved over time. Especially with rivals such as the Google Watch integrating nicely with any Android phone.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 FAQs

Is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 out yet?

No, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is not out just yet, nor is it officially announced. We expect to see it revealed at the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event which takes place on July 26th this year.

Will there be a Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Pro or Classic?

Based on what we’ve seen so far, including leaked renders, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is expected to release alongside the base Watch 6. However, nothing is official just yet.

Final word

There you have it, everything there is to know about our Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 release date prediction, specs rumors, and price speculation – based on what’s currently available online. We’ll be keeping you updated as much as possible when further news is available.

Be sure to tune in to the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event on July 26th, as that’s when we should be learning much more about the Galaxy Watch 6. Samsung announced an early deal for $50 in Samsung Credit when you “reserve upcoming Galaxy phones and/or Galaxy Watches and/or Galaxy Tabs”.

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