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Gaming monitor Cyber Monday deals: $500 off Samsung’s Odyssey G9

A huge offer on a huge gaming monitor - what more could you ask for this Cyber Monday

Updated: Nov 28, 2021 9:26 pm
Best Cyber Monday Samsung Odyssey Deals

The biggest sales event of the year is finally here and deals on high-end gaming monitors are coming at us left, right, and centre. The latest high-ticket product to receive a massive discount over at Best Buy is the Samsung Odyssey gaming monitor lineup – reduced by $500!

That’s right, your eyes aren’t lying to you – I did say that the popular Samsung Odyssey monitor range (G5/G7/G9) is being reduced by hundreds as part of a big Cyber Monday push. The standout dealfrom the range has to be the Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 – the brand’s flagship gaming monitor offering. It currently retails for around $2,500, however, with this great deal from Samsung direct, you can reduce that by $500.

We’ll be looking at all the Samsung Odyssey monitor deals over at Samsung so that you don’t miss a thing. Let’s jump into it.

Today’s Samsung Odyssey G9 Cyber Monday deals

Best gaming monitor deal this Cyber Monday

If you’ve been waiting for the prices to drop on Samsung’s new monitor lineup, the wait is finally over! Samsung has got some superb deals on the entire Odyssey gaming monitor lineup as part of their Cyber Monday weekend.

Below are the best Odyssey ‘G’ series deals right now:

As you can see from the deals above, Samsung is offering eye-watering discounts on some of its best panels. The Neo G9 – a high-performance 240hz VA 49-inch gaming monitor – is a particularly good deal, especially when you consider all the high-end features this monitor comes equipped with.

Remember, with stock levels being at an all-time low this year, the Samsung Odyssey deals will be subject to a strict ‘while stocks last’ policy. Meaning, if you wanna get a fantastic deal on one of these high-end monitors, do not hesitate.

Why buy a gamin monitor this Cyber Monday?

Performance of these panels aside, the main reason you want to purchase one of Samsung’s Odyssey monitor this Cyber Monday is due to price. It’s that simple. With the current price reductions on the Odyssey range, consumers are getting incredible value for money – especially when you consider some of the market’s leading alternatives.

Retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Newegg, Walmart, and more use this time of year to reduce the pricing on some of the market’s leading products. With that being the case, the Samsung Odyssey G9 is now at an all-time low price, falling just under $2,000.

How long will gaming monitor Cyber Monday deals last?

The monitor deals look set to run between now and the end of Cyber Monday – which will conclude on November 29th this year. However, with stock levels being massively depleted, the deals will of course be subject to ‘while stocks last’.

Furthermore, the Samsung Odyssey monitor deals don’t seem to offer up the same enticing price match guarantee as other products on the websites. That suggests that this will be the lowest price you’ll get on this year’s Samsung range.

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