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Samsung S95B QD-OLED TV: release date, specs, pricing

QD-OLED technology has finally arrived, and it looks mighty fine

Updated: Apr 26, 2022 12:00 pm
Samsung S95B QD-OLED TV: release date, specs, pricing

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Samsung’s QD-OLED TV finally has a name, price, and potential release date. Better yet, the new QD-OLED TV looks set to hit shelves sooner than we first expected and might be priced quite a bit cheaper than initial speculation – only increasing the anticipation that already surrounds this exciting new panel.

Weirdly, Samsung doesn’t seem to be making much noise over the fact that the S95B will be one of the first QD-OLED displays on offer. Instead, the brand is unveiling the panel as an OLED TV – when the specifications clearly lay claim to QD-OLED technology.

With so many OLED TVs to choose from in today’s market, it seems weird for Samsung not to market this TV for what it is. Regardless, Samsung’s new QD-OLED TV looks set to hit shelves for $2,200 (55-inch)/ $3,000 (65-inch) – a reduction on the previously quoted $2,400/ $3,500 price point.

Like always, we’ll be keeping this page bang up to date with all the latest Samsung S95B release dates, news, prices, and specs, putting you in the driver’s seat when it comes to this exciting new QD-OLED TV.

What is QD-OLED?

For TV enthusiasts, 2022 looks set to be one of the most exciting years in decades. It will play host to an array of never before seen technologies that look to improve the visual experience exponentially – with Samsung seemingly at the forefront of the movement.

Samsung S95B Qd OLED

One of the TV technologies that looks set to bridge the gap between Quantum Dot and OLED is being coined ‘QD-OLED’ and is what makes Samsung’s new S95B TV so attractive. This groundbreaking new tech will take all the main benefits of the OLED technology and improve it with a thin Quantum Dot layer – increasing color depth, vividness, and accuracy. Furthermore, QD-OLED will also increase the brightness of OLED technology – a flaw that has often been criticized in the past.

Samsung S95B QD-OLED TV: release date (what we know so far)

At the time of writing this, information regarding the S95B’s release date is still relatively vague. The company posted details of the Samsung S95B on its Newsroom site, stating that the TV would “be available in 55” and 65” sizes from April.” – with no concrete release date just yet.

Having said that, US consumers are now able to pre order the Samsung S95B with an expected release date of April 21 – or so the Samsung website says.

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Samsung S95B QD-OLED TV: specifications

If the design of this TV hasn’t got you hot and bothered, the specifications certainly will. The Samsung S95B QD-OLED will be powered by the brand’s Neo Quantum Dot 4K processor – the very same that resides in its Neo QLED 4K and 8K TVs. As a result, users can expect advanced 4K upscaling that increases the visual fidelity when boosting from 1080p and 1440p – especially good for watching aging TV shows and films that were rendered in lower resolutions. There is no mention to Dynamic tone-mapping or deep learning capabilities for the S95B just yet – two features that are heavily marketed by the LG department for its C2 series.

Processing power aside, the big draw for this TV will be the QD-OLED technology that sits at its heart. The new display technology will bridge the gap between Quantum Dot and OLED technologies, resulting in a stunning visual experience that combines the best features of both technologies.

samsung s95b qd oled release date

Of course, the S95B looks set to incorporate a range of high-end HDR features, including HDR10+ (Samsung’s proprietary HDR standard). With this being one of Samsung’s first OLED displays, users can expect a huge uplift in HDR performance when compared to some of the brand’s other TV options. As always, we won’t be seeing Dolby Vision incorporated into this set, putting some potential buyers off.

Gamers will be pleased to hear that the S95B will also be fully next-gen console supportive, offering up four HDMI 2.1 slots that feature full 48Gbps capabilities. Furthermore, the S95B will also offer Motion Xcelerator Turbo plus tech – a response time boosting technology that helps to reduce annoying screen artifacts such as smearing and blurring when viewing fast-moving images. At present, there is no mention of VRR technology – a feature that is required to help both PS5 and Xbox Series X perform to the highest standards.

Samsung S95B QD-OLED TV: price

Samsung has already listed the price of the S95B and, to our surprise, it’s actually much more affordable than we first thought.

The S95B 55-inch will retail in the States for $2,200 (£1,699) – a $200 reduction on the previously expected $2,400 price tag. The S95B 65-inch model looks set to retail for $3,000 (£2,299) – a $500 price reduction on previous price expectations. While US consumers have the option to purchase the S95B as of April, there is no sign of availability for the UK, EU, and AU markets.

Samsung S95B vs LG C2: which should you buy?

One of the big questions we’ve been asked recently is, should I buy the S95B or LG C2? And the answer is relatively straightforward, mainly because the two displays in question are fairly different.

One of the panels boasts QD-OLED tech whilst the other makes use of OLED. Furthermore, one seems to be more geared towards gaming while the other is more tailored towards entertainment consumption.

Ultimately, the decision boils down to what you prioritize the most. If you’re the sort of individual that does more gaming than general content consumption, you’ll likely want to choose the LG C2 – one of the best gaming TVs in 2022.

Alternatively, the Samsung S95B will almost certainly produce a much better visual experience than the LG C2, offering up a brand new display technology that seems to meet the fix all the flaws OLED falls victim to.

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