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Samsung The Freestyle portable smart projector: release date, features, where to buy & more

Take a look at this portable pocket projector.

Updated: Jan 6, 2022 3:57 pm
Samsung The Freestyle portable smart projector: release date, features, where to buy & more

When you think about a Projector, your mind easily wanders over to those huge, clunky oblongs whose fuses always burn out, look muddy, and feel sub-par. Samsung is looking to change that with their brand-new projector named ‘The Freestyle’ which promises cinema-style quality and cutting edge design that allows you to project up to 100-inches of content almost anywhere you can think of.

One thing that we love is the design of The Freestyle, which looks more like a standing light than a projector, bucking the trend of the boring grey box, and into a form-factor that fits better with your lifestyle and is equipped with modern features that so many other projectors fail to equip themselves with.

Pre-order The Freestyle at Samsung for $899.99

Samsung The Freestyle features

This isn’t just like any old other dumb projector but is also equipped with what Samsung calls point and play. This allows you to point The Freestyle over at a surface, and then it will optimize the screen size, focus the image, and even levels out the image if it’s pointed at an angle. This saves you so much time with setup, especially if you want to use The Freestyle at something such as a family event, or if you’re just having some pals over to watch the game.

When combined with the fact that The Freestyle also possesses a 180-degree design, you will be able to angle your image almost anywhere, and due to its cylindrical form-factor, you can easily slip it away and take it with you to get your entertainment on the go, without having to lug around a large television or an old-style projector. This is designed to be used around whatever lifestyle you might lead and has oodles of smart design functions that other projectors simply lack by comparison.

Big screen, small size

With up to 100-inches of screen size available, you will be able to use The Freestyle to project up to a distance of 8.8 feet in glorious full HD, so as not to compromise on the quality of your experience. Even when used up close, The Freestyle can still kick out a quality image, and at scale too.

Smart features

The Freestyle is also equipped with oodles of smart Tizen-based features that you usually see on Televisions. This means that you have access to all of the bells and whistles that would be usually only seen on a Smart TV such as Netflix, Spotify, Disney+ and more. In tandem with two built-in voice assistants; Alexa and Bixby, you’ll not be left wanting from the sheer number of features offered by The Freestyle.

Audio design

In addition to the overall cylindrical design, The Freestyle also possesses 360 sound. The cylindrical shape of the device allows it to also become a 5-watt woofer that is able to send out soundwaves in almost every direction, meaning that you are never at a loss for where your audio signal is going to come from while you’re using it. It can also be used as a portable speaker, meaning that it has a dual application, so you don’t need to buy loads of devices when you can just have one.


The Freestyle can also be powered by an external power bank, meaning that you can take your content on the go while using it, so you don’t have to stop the party when you want to take it on the go, combined with the aforementioned form factor, it makes The Freestyle an excellent option for portable entertainment.

Samsung The Freestyle release date

The Freestyle from Samsung will be launching on January 24, and you can pre-order it now. Be sure not to miss out on this incredibly cool and forward-thinking smart projector while you can, as it changes the game for portable projector devices.

Samsung The Freestyle price

The Freestyle from Samsung will retail for $899.99, which is completely fair considering the technology in this relatively small package. If you pre-order the device, you will also be able to get a free carrying case while stocks last directly from Samsung.

Where to buy Samsung The Freestyle smart projector

You can easily find The Freestyle available for pre-order from Samsung right now. It will also be available at other retailers at a later date.

Pre-order The Freestyle at Samsung for $899.99

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