Samsung’s Odyssey Gaming Monitor Range Announced At CES 2020

Samsungs Odyssey Gaming Monitor Range Announced At CES 2020

CES 2020 has been filled with some great products this year, especially in the world of gaming. And, while we may not have seen any big announcements for the PS5 (apart from their surprisingly familiar looking PS5 logo), Sony did bring us some exceptional new gaming monitors in the form of their Odyssey gaming monitor range.

Samsung Odyssey G9 Gaming Monitor

This 49″ curved gaming monitor is a beast of a display. It’s futuristic design is reminiscent of the best spaceships from sci-fi movies, and it would look amazing in any gaming setup. But, not only does it look good, it’s got the specs to back it up as well.

It comes with a dual quad high definition screen with a 5120×1440 resolution as well as 240Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. To further enhance the design qualities, the lighting core at the back of the monitor has 52 colors and 5 effects built in that you can choose from.

Samsung Odyssey G7 Variant

They also revealed their G7 variants at the convention as well. These monitors come with the same beefy specs as the G9 version, but differ when it comes to resolution. These monitors come with a QHD 2560×1440.

Also, instead of the futuristic white color that the G9 comes in, these monitors are a jet black. So, depending on what kind of aesthetic you’re looking for in your gaming setup, Samsung has you covered.

Final Word

These monitors are due to arrive in Q2 2020, although we don’t have any word on pricing just yet. All in all, these are some high-quality gaming monitors that we can’t wait to try out for ourselves.

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