Epic Games Will Be Offering Samurai Shodown NEOGEO To Keep For Free At Launch

Samurai Shodown News

SNK have recently announced that they will be collecting seven of the Samurai Shodown games together in the NEOGEO collection, a collection which will include Samurai Shodown I, II, III, IV Amakusa’s Revenge, V and V Special – as well as V Perfect - big news if you are a fan of classic fighting games.


The collection represents all of the series games released between 1993 and 2004 – and the V Perfect is apparently an unreleased version of Samurai Shodown V that will be something incredibly special for long time fans of the series – with developers referring to it as the ‘stuff of legends’.

Exactly what V Perfect will include we are unsure of at the moment – but we do know that the game will come with a museum mode included that will feature developer interviews, in-game music, development documents and more – making this the perfect compendium for any serious fan of the Samurai Shodown games.

Each of the games in the collection will be launching with an online versus mode, which the original games, of course, did not feature. Fans of Samurai Shodown will now be able to play online competitively to test their skills rather than committing to local multiplayer, with both online and casual tiers to satisfy both the hardcore gamers and casual fans re-entering the game to enjoy the nostalgia of the title.

The collection is set to release on the 11th of June, and if you are subscribed to the Epic Games Store you are going to be able to download it for free from the 11th until the 18th of June. After that it's going to be priced at $40, and will be available at the same price point on Steam on the 18th of June – after it appears on Epic Games for free.