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Sea of Thieves 2.6.0 Update Patch Notes

Updated: Aug 4, 2022 3:03 pm
Sea of Thieves 2.6.0 Update Patch Notes

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Sea of Thieves 2.6.0 update is now live ushering in the start of the brand new Captains of Adventure update.

You’ll find all the changes and fixes heading to Rare’s pirating adventure right here on this page.

Sea of Thieves 2.6.0 is a sizable update by most standards, bundling in not just the new captaincy update, but also the start of Season 7, a host of gameplay improvements, and the usual fare of bug fixes and tweaks.

Check out the complete Sea of Thieves 2.6.0 update patch notes below for all the details.

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Sea of Thieves 2.6.0 Update Patch Notes

Sea of Thieves 2.6.0 Update – Gameplay Improvements

Washed-Up Stools

  • While players will have seen stools dotted around the world before, these special, interactable stools can now be discovered washed up on islands.
  • These stools can be picked up and carried by players. Fancy a seat on the beach while your crew digs for treasure? Now you can bring your own!

Map Zoom

  • Players can now zoom in on any map, note or Quest Book being held. While holding up the item, clicking the Right Stick on controller or the ‘F’ key on PC will zoom in and improve visibility of those hard-to-spot landmarks. The keybinding can be changed via the Settings Menu.
  • Players equipping a map or Quest Book for the first time are now shown a tutorial explaining how to use this new feature.

Removal of Reviving on Enemy Ships

  • When on board an enemy ship, players are no longer able to revive their crewmates.  

Reduced Ferry Time for Solo Crews

  • Solo players defeated and sent to the Ferry of the Damned now have a reduced waiting time before they can return to their ship, getting them back into the gameplay more quickly.

Reduced Cannonball Knockback on Sloops

  • Players aboard a Sloop will find that the knockback from cannonball splash damage no longer propels them so far into the air, preventing them from being so easily sent overboard. However, they will still be knocked back and disorientated by the blast.

Sloop Mast Damage Rebalance

  • A Sloop’s mast is now more resilient than other ship types, taking two chainshot strikes or three cannonballs before being toppled. Initial strikes will still damage the mast and can be repaired individually. The masts on Brigantines and Galleons remain unchanged.

Disabling Sloop Mast Friendly Fire

  • Chainshots will no longer damage the masts of players’ own ships when fired upwards from a cannon on the deck.

Additional Sloop Respawn Locations

  • New respawn locations have been added around the Sloop, providing more variety in where crew members will return from the Ferry of the Damned. The vulnerable helm location has also been modified to give returning players more visibility over the surrounding area.

Sea of Thieves 2.6.0 Update – Pirate Emporium

Joining a brand new Plunder Pass on the Emporium shelves this month are Ship’s Crests for new Captains (and Renaming Deeds for those who change their minds), the extensive Wrecker Wrangler range, emotes to suit several types of self-indulgence and a whole lot more besides!

Ship’s Crests

  • The Pirate Emporium now offers a small selection of exclusive Ship’s Crest designs for Captains. Choose from the Weeping Waves, Royal Coronet, Reaver, Forgotten Temple and Big Game Hunter Ship’s Crests.

Ship Renaming Deeds

  • Captains wishing to rename their ship can now purchase a Ship Renaming Deed from the Pirate Emporium, each providing a single use. All earned progress on the ship will remain after it has been renamed. Players will need to return to the ‘My Ships’ option on the game’s front end to use a Renaming Deed.

Wrecker Wrangler Ship Collection

  • Browse all the items in the Wrecker Wrangler Ship Collection, including premium Collector’s Figurehead and Sails.
  • For those who only want the bare essentials, the core components of this proudly piscine ship set can be purchased as an Essentials Bundle.

Wrecker Wrangler Costume

  • This costume is inspired by the Wreckers that dwell down in the darkness, and might just scare the living daylights out of your fellow divers.
  • While wearing the Wrecker Wrangler Costume, players can perform the Soaked to the Skin Emote.

Wrecker Wraangler Weapons

  • Festooned with glowing eyeballs, fins and fangs, these four weapons spell deep trouble for people you don’t like.

Wrecker Wraangler Fishing Rod

  • The object of a bizarre ritual to create a rod that only attracts Wreckers, this rod… doesn’t do that at all.

Bilge Rat Weapon Pose Emotes

  • Let the enemy decide whether you’re dangerous or just drunk with this set of expressive emotes.

Portable Portarait Emote Bundle

  • A collection of six emotes for pirates who know they’re the most picturesque sight on the seas!

Freebie Promising Portrait Emote

  • There’s bound to be something worth capturing here, if you can calm down and keep still for a minute.

Wrecker’s Wrath Bundle (Store Only)

  • Available only from the Xbox, Microsoft and Steam Stores, this bundle contains the Wrecker Wrangler Costume, Fishing Rod and Weapon Bundle, 550 Ancient Coins and a free 25,000 gold bonus for use in the Outpost shops! Head to the Microsoft Store or Steam Item Store to find out more.

Spitting Contest Emote Removal

  • Following internal review, the Spitting Contest Emote has been removed from the game. This emote is no longer purchasable within the Pirate Emporium, and players who previously purchased the emote will be refunded accordingly with Ancient Coins.

Sea of Thieves 2.6.0 Update – Outpost Cosmetics

Rusty Cutlasses Restocked

  • The Outpost weapon shops have been restocked with a range of old cutlasses, allowing pirates to once again purchase the Grand Admiral, Castaway Bilge Rat, Scurvy Bilge Rat and Ruffian Sea Dog Cutlasses.

Additional Sail Colours

  • The Outpost shipwrights have added new sails to their wares for players to purchase with gold. The new sails on offer include the Navy Blue Sailor, Burgundy Sailor, Bottle Green Sailor, Orange Sailor and Purple Sailor Sails.

Sea of Thieves 2.6.0 Update – Events

Twitch Drops

  • Continue to unlock even more cosmetics throughout Season Seven with Twitch Drops! Stay tuned to Sea of Thieves social channels to find out when Twitch Drops will be active for Partnered streamers, allowing players to earn clothing items from the Rising Morningstar set in the first set of Drops. Find out how to link your accounts and more on our dedicated Twitch Drops page.


Outpost Trinket Points

  • When players explore the Outpost taverns, they will now find spots where they can choose to place their newly earned Trinkets, allowing them to mount their prized trophies for all to see!

Ship Customisation Memory Optimisations

  • As more ship customisation options arrive in this update, memory optimisations have been made to protect lower-spec hardware. Players on older consoles or lower-spec PC hardware may find that when several highly decorated ships come together, the game will optimise performance by changing the appearance of some ship customisations.
  • Players on PC will still have the ability to configure how much system memory can be allocated to these decorated ships, ensuring higher-spec hardware can show a wider range of customisations.

Fixed Issues


  • Emissaries passing into a Tunnel of the Damned will once again drop a Broken Emissary Flag in the water upon leaving the server.
  • When a ship’s harpoon is used to retrieve items and drop them on the edge of the hull, the items on board are now correctly identified and the correct Emissary Grade progression granted.
  • Cosmetic and Vanity Chests now once again sort owned cosmetics by the date they were added to the game.
  • Multiple appearances of Graymarrow and Briggsy can no longer be created by cancelling and restarting Tall Tale checkpoints.
  • Players on Xbox are no longer offered the option to ‘Recentre Mouse in Menus’ via the in-game Settings Menu, even when connecting a mouse to the console. This feature is not available on consoles.

Legend of the Veil Voyage

  • Crews defeating the Soulflame Captain during a Haunted Island encounter will now be granted the correct number of rewards, along with the intended Emissary Grade progression when sailing as an Emissary.


  • There should no longer be a light source where Tina used to be during the ‘Lost Sands’ Adventure.
  • The rug at Mercy’s End Fortress should no longer intersect with the floor. 
  • Players can no longer intersect with the archway near Sea Fort Treasury rooms, causing them to see through the environment.
  • Skeletons should now navigate smoothly around Skeleton Forts. 
  • Movement around the pillars near the Sea Fort storeroom should no longer feel restricted.
  • The correct model for Hendrick is now present at the Spoils of Plenty Seapost.
  • Players will no longer appear underwater when becoming stuck under a pier at New Golden Sands Outpost.
  • Barrels and crates on the first floor of Ancient Gold Fortress will no longer make players’ movement feel restricted.
  • Players will no longer intersect with the floor at the entrance to Imperial Crown Fortress.
  • When exploring the entrance to Flameheart’s Tomb on Flintlock Peninsula, throwing a firebomb or blunderbomb will no longer cause it to explode immediately.

Visual and Audio

  • The Wall Press Emote should no longer allow a player to move forward into the surrounding environment.
    The Merchant Ambassador Concertina handles should now appear as intended when played.
  • The Pet Cage door aboard a Sloop should now be connected to the cage.
  • The Springshell Pocket Watch should now display the correct time.
  • A range of capstans have been updated to fix incorrectly rotated pegs when equipped on a Sloop.
  • Players should no longer hear a muffled audio effect when being revived.
  • The audio effect for turning a ship’s lantern on and off can now be heard clearly.
  • After changing a ship’s lantern to different Flame of Fate colour, the lighting audio effects can now be heard.

Text and Localisation

  • Order of Souls representatives and weaponsmiths should all now have the correct dialogue options during interactions.
  • The description of the ‘Escape as Back’ option has been updated to resolve grammatical errors.

Performance and Stability

  • Server stability has been improved, reducing scenarios where crews are removed from a game session.

Known Issues

Ship and Pirate Milestones Temporarily Disabled

  • The following Milestones have been temporarily disabled and will not progress when the relevant actions are completed:
    • Quest Board Maps Completed – Ship and Pirate Milestones
    • Captained Ships Spotted – Ship and Pirate Milestones
    • Provisions Sold to The Hunter’s Call – Ship and Pirate Milestones
    • Sea Forts Conquered – Ship and Pirate Milestones
    • Repairs Made – Pirate Milestone Only

Captain’s Stash Voyages Temporarily Unavailable

  • Captain’s Stash Voyages offered by the shipwrights are temporarily unavailable.

Reduced Server Performance 

  • Players may experience scenarios where they encounter ping spikes at random while playing, resulting in rubberbanding or client stutters. While improvements were most recently released in update 2.5.3, the team continue to work on further improvements for future updates.

Ranged and Melee Weapon Hit Detection

  • In areas of intense action, players may find themselves firing shots or landing strikes that do not cause damage to their targets. While small improvements continue to be delivered during our regular updates, we are continuing to investigate and identify further improvements to the player combat experience.

Sea of Thieves is out now for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. For more on the latest Sea of Thieves update head to Rare’s official site.

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