Pick Up A Secretlab Gaming Chair Today And Get $25 Off

secretlab gaaming chair sale

If you are suddenly thrust in the unfortunate position of having to work from home, you may quickly find that your desk setup isn’t as great or ergonomic as you originally thought. While some people will be able to work at their gaming stations, others may be confined to the kitchen table! 

One of the most important parts of any desk setup is the chair that you use. Having a chair that isn’t adjustable or comfortable can play havoc with your back. You will no doubt find you’ve taken for granted the comfort of your standard office chair and maybe decided that now is a great time for an upgrade to a gaming chair.

Great Reductions In The Secretlab line 

If money is tight and you’re looking for a bit of a bargain, Secretlab is currently offering $25 off most of its 2020 series of chairs with only a few exceptions. If you happened to miss out on the recent Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales at the end of last year, this is a great time to trim a little bit from the price of your chosen chair.

If you’re looking for a great value chair that is well made and ergonomically adjustable, Secretlab has some great items on offer. We personally enjoyed the Omega gaming chair when we reviewed it earlier this year. 

The bucket seat style does a great job of wrapping around your body and providing it with a solid level of support. With plenty of adjustment options on the armrests and tilt functions, you’ll easily find a position that’s comfortable for you. 

You can pick this chair up for $334 by using the discount code “25STAYHOME20” at the checkout. Other great options in the Secretlab line include the Throne which starts at $309 and the Titan which starts at $379.

Final Word

Who doesn’t love a good discount? It’s well worth taking advantage of some of the sales that are currently on offer if you are looking to upgrade some of your setups. 

We expect there will be plenty of other websites holding ‘stay at home’ sales in the coming weeks in an effort to keep businesses rolling. This makes it a perfect time to complete your working setup and put a smile on your face if you are stuck inside all day!

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