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SEGA’s Sonic Mania Heading to Origin Access Premier

Play Sonic Mania and two other SEGA titles on Origin Access Premier today.

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Great news for Sonic and SEGA fans! A recent announcement on EA’s website confirmed that Sonic Mania will be available for all Origin Access Premier members.

Two other SEGA titles are coming to Origin as well – Two Point Hospital and Endless Legend, so there’s plenty to get stuck into.

Sonic Mania

A rework of the classic 2D platform games, Sonic Mania keeps everything you loved about the original games while offering plenty more to enjoy. With new levels, unique bosses and multiplayer, Sonic Mania is a great way to spend an afternoon reminiscing about classic SEGA titles.

Two Point Hospital

After more of a strategy game? SEGA’s Two Point Hospital is a great strategy game which sees you building a hospital from the ground up. You can design your hospital however you want and fully manage it to care for as many patients as possible. You’ll be able to diagnose illnesses, hire staff and research cures in this game.

Endless Legend

Endless Legend is a 4X turn-based fantasy strategy game which sees you managing a civilization to save your home world – Auriga. You must control every aspect of your civilization, ensuring there’s enough food for your people, industries are built and your nation is prosperous. Along the way, you will discover secrets of your world and uncover the mysteries of the legends.

If you’re not already an Origin Access member, you can join for $14.99 a month for the Premier membership. This gives you access to the Premier Vault where you’ll be able to access all the games available plus gain early access to upcoming games.

You’ll also get to save 10% on Origin digital purchases including games, season passes, points packs and DLC.

Are you an Origin Access Premier member? Or do you prefer other platforms? Let us know in the comments.


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