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Shenmue the Animation premieres Feb 5th

I can't wait for the filler forklift arc

Updated: Jan 19, 2022 11:27 pm
Shenmue the Animation premieres Feb 5th

A gaming series with a lasting legacy, one of the most important titles of all time and some of the downright most rotten video games ever made, Shenmue is made for animation.

The tale of Ryo Hazuki looking for the man who killed his father debuted on the Dreamcast, with a sequel following and eventually porting over to the original Xbox. In 2015, Sony helped fund Shenmue 3, which was long considered dead in the water, alongside a Kickstarter. While successful in actually coming out, that can’t be said for the games themselves.

Yu Suzuki, creator of the franchise, will sit as Executive Producer on the series, while Telecom Animation Film () and the director of One Punch Man Season 2, Chikara Sakurai, will also act as the director.

The show premieres on Adult Swim and Crunchyroll, with both English and Japanese being broadcast. The initial season will be 13 episodes long and from watching the trailer, it appears to be covering the original game’s story.

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