MediEvil ‘Short-Lived’ Demo Available Now Until October 6th

Sony held their latest State of Play this week, and we were treated to a whole host of game announcements, trailers, and release dates (Last of Us Part 2 – finally!). One of the new games announced was the fun and kooky MediEvil Short-Lived. We take a closer look at the game to see what it’s all about, where you can get your hands on it, and whether it’s worth it. Read on to find out more.

Short-Lived Trailer

During its State of Play broadcast, Sony announced that a free demo of the remake of ’90s classic MediEvil is currently available on the PlayStation Store and will run until October 6th.

Dubbed the ‘Short-Lived’ demo for apparent reasons, it features playable passages from The Graveyard and Dan’s Crypt where you take on the role of skeletal, armor-clad hero Sir Daniel.

Sony released a short trailer for the occasion and as expected, it showcases the gory comedic violence of the original in all the glitz and glamor of modern graphical technology, and it sure looks good. Much of the humor and quirks (including the ability to use your own arm as a weapon) that defined the original look to have survived the remake process, which is good news for original fans.

Short-Lived Demo

Sony is also dangling a carrot to push people to try out the demo by offering those that take part an exclusive in-game item, Dan’s Helmet, for use in the full game. The helmet was previously unique to the Japanese version of the original MediEvil, becoming the stuff of legends for western players, so it’s a nice touch on Sony’s part.

MediEvil Remake is currently slated for release in exactly a month on October 25th, 2019, for PlayStation 4.