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Sims 4 Patch Notes (November)

New scenarios and a whole host of bug fixes in November's updates. What's not to like? Let's have a look at what's changing, including the new Sims Delivery Express.

Updated: Nov 3, 2021 8:49 am

It’s a big November update for Sims 4 today with not only a raft of bug fixes but also some cool new features added into the mix on both console and PC in patch versions:

Console: Version 1.49

Maxis/EA has altered the way they are adding non-paid content into the base game and have moved to an iterative approach to feature development so we should see more regular additions arriving each time hopefully.

What are Sims 4 Scenarios?

Maxis recently announced ‘Scenarios’ which basically meant a new style of play that would let you work towards an outcome. The November update includes the first two of these Scenarios with more than one way to complete each. The scenarios included today are:

  • Making Money: This Scenario places your Sim in quite the predicament by having their bank account reset after they have moved in a Lot – yup zero Simoleons, nada – the difficulty could increase if your Sim chooses between Unfurnished and Furnished Lots, or if they bulldoze their space. To complete the Scenario you’ll have to earn your way to one million Simoleons. How you get to one million – it can be however you wish, just don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. <wink>
  • Finding Love after a Break Up: Love hurts… love scars. This Scenario places your Sim right after they have broken up with their significant other. Your Sim’s task is to find love either by salvaging that relationship that broke apart, or finding new love with someone else. Which will your Sim choose? It’s your Sim’s time to dream; which Sim will win their heart?

If you choose to partake in either one – or both – remember that in this initial list of Scenarios you will do so with a new Household. And don’t worry! These Households will stay with you after they complete each Scenario.

Sims 4 LGBT

What is Sims Delivery Express (SDX)

Maxis is making changes to the game that will allow them to deliver small updates and additional in-game items without you having to wait for a large monthly update. This system will know known as Sims Delivery Express and you can view information on how it will work at the Maxis site. What we know so far is it will always be free and will be able to deliver new assets or smaller bug fixes. It marks an interesting new direction to how the devs deal with the base code and one that should improve the quality of life behind the scenes for all.

Sims 4 November bug fixes

We love the way the devs really get into their patch notes on Sims 4. They can explain things far better than I, so straight from the horse’s mouth, courtesy of EA, here are the bugs that have been squashed today.

Gameplay fixes

  • We fixed an issue that made Toddlers walk with animations that were not quite fitting for a Toddler. I don’t know about you all, but if my Toddler in-game looked like they had a lot of coffee, I would be concerned – and this is coming from the caffeine queen herself. Luckily we were able to solve this issue and they should walk properly now.
  • Noticed the Bonsai Tree was a little… text averse? We did too – we made sure the Bonsai was properly potted and trimmed which solved its text attachment issues, so now its text should be displayed properly in Build Mode.
  • Speaking about text averse, some of the variants for the Mega Stacked Stone wall texture have been fixed in Build Mode as well to display proper text.

Spa Day fixes

Over the years, Yoga practices have incorporated a number of equipment choices such as super comfy and hypoallergenic mats, yoga socks, sweat-proof technology clothing, and towels, you name it… but what is never OK is practicing Yoga with shoes on. Sims should no longer be practicing Yoga with shoes on, as if.

Industrial Loft fix

The “I Took a Welding Class Once” Double Bed has been adjusted to show Stress and Comfort values as well as a reduced price. I mean, I took a welding class once, but I’m not quite in luxury status yet.

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