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Six Days in Fallujah Release Date & Trailer

The controversial shooter returns in 2022.

Updated: Jan 31, 2022 2:52 pm
Six Days in Fallujah Release Date & Trailer

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Six Days in Fallujah was a game that caused an insane amount of controversy back when it was first put into development in 2009. Despite being a game that was requested by one of the marines who took part in the battle of Fallujah itself, the events were just too recent, and gaming wasn’t widely accepted as an art form rather than an entertainment medium.

Well, it’s hard to keep the game down as it’s now back once again to try once more to bring a legitimately real and harrowing war experience to the living rooms of those who’ve never experienced it before. There’s a lot riding on this being a very serious and well-made experience. If you want to learn more, check out the release info that we’ve put together below.

Six Days in Fallujah Release Date

The original version of Six Days in Fallujah was revealed back in 2009 as a result of the developers working with marines to produce army training tools. Due to controversy surrounding the title, it was canceled and the developer eventually shut down. Then in Feb of 2021, the game was re-revealed once more, initially with a 2021 release date that was eventually pushed back.

The publisher revealed that the game would eventually be coming out in Q4 2022. Of course, with some people calling for platforms to not allow the title, there’s a chance that in the meantime the controversy could once again kill the title if the critics have their way.

Six Days in Fallujah Trailer

Six Days in Fallujah is a realistic military shooter that takes place during the second battle of Fallujah, a month-long engagement during the invasion of Iraq that saw some of the bloodiest fighting of the entire war, as well as some of the most controversial tactics. The game takes stories from marines who were really engaged in the battle and has them each narrate a mission for the player to make their way through.

Since this is a very serious and realistic take on the genre, it’s likely that you won’t be shrugging off injuries as easily as you do in most video games. You’ll have to very carefully think about every decision that you make, as a wrong decision can put you and your squad’s lives at risk. The game is also going to feature a lot of documentary footage and other reference information to try and bring some educational value to the title.

You can check out the 2021 reveal trailer below if you’re interested in finding out more about the same before it comes out.

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