Smart Access Memory Support for 1st Gen Ryzens on B450s enabled by AMD

Tinkers gonna tinker as Reddit user plays with settings

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A user on Reddit has managed to get the AMD Smart Access memory feature working on their 1st Gen Ryzen CPU and has been posting his results on the forum.

User Merich98 shared that he had got the tech working with his ASUS B450-Plus motherboard running the latest December BIOS – 2409.

Merich98 managed to enable AMD Smart Access Memory with an AMD Ryzen 7 1700 CPU and tested performance in Doom Eternal and Rise of the Tomb Raider.

While seeing little to no effect on Tomb Raider, running Doom Eternal on Ultra at 1080p did yield some interesting results although most proved to be within the margin of error.

One thing that it did highlight though is that the minimum FPS takes a huge hit with Smart Access memory enabled but this could probably be down to a lack of support in the API at this stage.

Doom Eternal results


  1. Run 1: Average FPS: 125.6FPS | Min. FPS: 82.2FPS | Max. FPS: 250.3FPS | 1% Low: 83.6FPS | 0.1% Low: 41.1FPS
  2. Run 2: Average FPS: 123.0FPS | Min. FPS: 87.4FPS | Max. FPS: 251.1FPS | 1% Low: 86.1FPS | 0.1% Low: 75.7FPS
  3. Run 3: Average FPS: 123.0FPS | Min. FPS: 87.7FPS | Max. FPS: 251.4FPS | 1% Low: 83.6FPS | 0.1% Low: 73.5FPS


  1. Run 1: Average FPS: 125.9FPS | Min. FPS: 85.4FPS | Max. FPS: 253.0FPS | 1% Low: 86.0FPS | 0.1% Low: 77.1FPS
  2. Run 2: Average FPS: 124.2FPS | Min. FPS: 82.0FPS | Max. FPS: 252.9FPS | 1% Low: 85.9FPS | 0.1% Low: 43.0FPS
  3. Run 3: Average FPS: 124.6FPS | Min. FPS: 79.4FPS | Max. FPS: 252.8FPS | 1% Low: 81.7FPS | 0.1% Low: 65.7FPS

Overall Average with AMD SAM ENABLED:

  • Average FPS: 124.90FPS | Min. FPS: 82.26FPS | Max. FPS: 252.90FPS | 1% Low: 84.53FPS | 0.1% Low: 61.93FPS

Final Results:

  • Average FPS: +0.839%;
  • Min. FPS: -6.20%;
  • Max. FPS: +0.596%;
  • 1% Low: +0.119%;
  • 0.1% Low: -2.365