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Songs of Conquest Release Date, Trailer

Check out Songs of Conquest, coming to PC via Steam, GOG, and Epic later this year.

Updated: Jan 27, 2022 2:01 pm
Songs of Conquest Release Date, Trailer

As time goes by, more developers try blending various genres together to create something new. That’s exactly what Songs of Conquest seems to be attempting, with a hybrid between a fantasy kingdom management game, and a classic turn-based RPG.

Whether or not the aforementioned blending of genres works out still remains to be seen, but with the game releasing a little later this year, it won’t be long before we can find out.

Songs of Conquest Release Date

This title was originally announced by the developers on their blog back in June of 2019, with a special announcement trailer shown off at E3 that year. Since then, they’ve continually kept the fanbase up-to-date with regular posts on their blog and announcements on the official Steam news area.

songs of conquest screenshot

They also used the official Steam news area to announce the game’s impending release date. According to a post made in December 2021, the game will hit early access in Q2 of 2022, launching simultaneously across GOG, Epic Store, and Steam.

Songs of Conquest Trailer

As well as blending RPG and kingdom-building gameplay, Songs of Conquest seems like it’s throwing in some strategy elements to boot. The gameplay trailer shows off various different elements of the overall game design, including traveling around the world map, interacting with other leaders, building your kingdom, and getting into battles.

Combat takes place on a hexagonal grid system that is relatively common in turn-based strategy games. You move your characters around the board and have them attack other units. It seems like the RPG elements will both go into making your battlefield units more powerful, as well as your main character.

You can check the trailer out for yourself below. This game should wet the appitite of any kingdom builder fans who also want to be able to destroy their enemies in open combat.

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