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Sony handheld Project Q vs Sony Backbone

Wait, what's the difference again?

Updated: May 25, 2023 2:41 pm
Sony handheld project q vs sony backbone

Sony has announced a brand new handheld gaming console to rival the steam deck, this is of course big talk. But the console has been met with some criticism online, with users very concerned as to the fact the Project Q seems very similar to the Sony Backbone, we’re here today to tell you the difference. Here’s the Sony Project Q handheld vs Sony Backbone.

What is the Sony Project Q?

First of all, let’s lay the groundwork. On Wednesday, May 24th, Sony announced “Project Q” to the world during its PlayStation Showcase event.

The essence of the Sony Q is that it’s a handheld device that has all the bells and whistles of the Dualsense PlayStation 5 controller, with an 8-inch screen. The Sony Q handheld will allow you to stream your PlayStation 5 games, from your PS5 to the Sony Q. We’re guessing that you will need a constant WiFi connection to use the Sony Handheld project Q, you might even be limited to your home network, however, we hope not.

We don’t know much about specifications or specifics around the Sony Q, but we can make some basic assumptions thanks to some of the things we know already about the Sony Q.

Sony Project Q Handheld vs Sony Backbone

First, let us compare these two pieces of hardware to determine what exactly is different about the two products.

Sony Project Q

The Sony Project Q is a handheld console that allows you to remotely stream games from your PlayStation 5. The games must be installed on your PlayStation 5. As of yet, we do not know whether we will be able to stream games from the cloud using the remote PlayStation app, or whether we will have to just stream games from our own PlayStation 5 consoles.

Sony PlayStation Q

The Sony PlayStation project Q has an included 8-inch screen, and the controller portions of the device are very akin to the Dualsense controller for the PlayStation 5.

Sony Backbone

The Sony backbone is essentially a mobile controller for your compatible iPhone or Android mobile phones. It is a controller that looks slightly like a DualSense controller, that opens to allow your phone to sit between the two halves.

Sony Backbone

The Backbone enables you to play games using your mobile phone’s screen, through the PlayStation Now app. You do not have to stream from your PlayStation 5, you do not even have to own a PlayStation at all to take advantage of the backbone. Just a phone, the backbone, and a subscription to PlayStation now.

Which is better, the Sony Project Q or the Sony Backbone?

The Sony Project Q is a handheld console designed to allow users to remotely stream games from their PlayStation 5. It features an 8-inch screen and incorporates the Dualsense controller elements from the PlayStation 5. To utilize Project Q, the games need to be installed on the PlayStation 5.

While specific details regarding streaming from the cloud or other PlayStation consoles are unknown, it is primarily focused on streaming games from a user’s own PlayStation 5.

On the other hand, the Sony Backbone serves as a mobile controller for compatible iPhone or Android mobile phones. Its design resembles that of the DualSense controller and includes a mechanism that allows the phone to fit between its halves.

The Backbone enables users to play games using their phone’s screen through the PlayStation Now app. It doesn’t require a PlayStation 5 or ownership of a PlayStation console; users only need a phone, the Backbone controller, and a subscription to PlayStation Now.

In terms of functionality and scope, the Sony Project Q and Sony Backbone cater to different needs. Project Q is specifically designed for PlayStation 5 owners who want to stream games to a handheld device with a dedicated screen.

The Project Q offers a more comprehensive gaming experience with access to the user’s own library of games. On the other hand, the Sony Backbone focuses on providing mobile gaming capabilities by turning a smartphone into a gaming device with the assistance of the Backbone controller and PlayStation Now subscription.

Sony Project Q vs Sony Backbone: personal preference

Ultimately, determining which is better depends on individual preferences and usage scenarios. PlayStation Project Q is suitable for those who prioritize streaming their PlayStation 5 games on a dedicated handheld device, while the Sony Backbone appeals to mobile gamers who seek to enhance their gaming experience on their smartphones using a controller specifically designed for that purpose.

Final Word

We don’t have a massive amount of information available about Project Q, and the Backbone isn’t really a console in its own right, it just uses your phone to do all the heavy lifting. Project Q is essentially a Backbone with a screen, that forces you to already own a PS5 console, We don’t even know if you can roam the streets whilst gaming on the Sony Project Q.

We will update you as soon as we have more specifics on the performance of the Project Q

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