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Sony LinkBuds introduce a twist on traditional earbuds: prices, features, where to buy

Earbuds have never looked link this before

Updated: Feb 16, 2022 3:32 pm
Sony LinkBuds introduce a twist on traditional earbuds: prices, features, where to buy

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TWS (true wireless) earbuds have been around for a few years now. Originally popularized by the Apple AirPods, they have steadily become more and more accessible and are now commonplace within the ears of the public. However, with increasing accessibility comes decreasing cost and a corresponding decrease in product innovation. The Sony LinkBuds feature a donut-shaped that purports to put a stop to the isolation from the outside world when listening to music.

What are sony LinkBuds?

The Sony LinkBuds are bizarrely designed TWS earbuds that look like a donut. The purported reason for this is to retain flawless awareness of the user’s surroundings, while never having to put a stop to the soundtrack. The hole at the entire allows for outside sound to be heard, and the speakers positioned around the perimeter of the donut produce the music. They announced the LinkBuds earlier today via Twitter

The scores are only just starting to pile in and they have been mostly positive, with reviewers praising the unique design and the retention of good sound quality, though some have pointed out the weak bass. This is unsurprised as the innovative ‘ring’ driver featured in the design of the Sony LinkBuds has a diameter of only 12mm. Small drivers have always had an issue with bass reduction so it is not unexpected, but something to be aware of.

Sony LinkBuds features

Aside from the unique donut design, the LinkBuds are some fairly feature-rich earbuds, despite the cavity straight through the center.

  • 5.5 hour battery life between charges, totalling 17.5 hours before you entirely drain the included charging case.
  • An IPX4 certification, preventing damage from sweat and splashes.
  • 20Hz – 20,000Hz frequency response.

Sony LinkBuds Price and where to buy

Though listings have yet to appear at popular retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy, we’re sure that the Sony LinkBuds will be available to purchase from these places soon. For now, your best chance to get hold of these unique little earbuds is directly through Sony’s website. They are priced at a fairly high $179.99, however, there are far less innovative TWS earbuds going for far higher prices currently so they might be worth considering.

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