Fantasy Battle Royale Spellbreak Heading To PlayStation 4 In Spring 2020

large Fantasy Battle Royale Spellbreak Heading To PS4 In Spring 2020

During PlayStation’s State of Play broadcast today, we learned that off-kilter fantasy Battle Royale Spellbreak is making its way to PlayStation 4 after a sojourn on the Epic Games Store as a closed alpha.


A closed beta on PlayStation 4 is set to kick start in Spring, although the announcement stopped short of providing a firm date. As this is a Battle Royale, we can more or less consider this a release date if the fact Fortnite is still in early access is anything to go by.

Spellbreak Gameplay

As for what the game offers, Spellbreak transports the familiar Battle Royale formula to a fantasy world where mages battle it out using a range of spells, elemental power, and aerial movement. Wave goodbye to the high-powered guns of existing Battle Royale games, Spellbreak dives into a completely different way to take on enemies.

It’s a game of mobility and fast-paced, skill-based combat. Developer Proletariat has also thrown in some rogue-like elements as well as a healthy smattering of RPG features, to boot.

Each player has a duo of magical gauntlets that grant abilities, active combat options, and a slew of combos to wreak havoc on opposing players. Through a rune system, players can customize their arsenal by focusing on movement and support abilities. We’re talking builds similar to an RPG.

There’s also a class system that allows even more customization when it comes to skills and equipment, allowing squads to fine-tune battle tactics and complement each other’s styles of play.

Final Word

Spellbreak is a beauty of a game with a stunning cel-shaded aesthetic that falls somewhere between The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Fortnite, and Borderlands. There’s also a distinct nod to anime thrown in there for good measure.

Whether Spellbreak can take on the heavy weighs of the Battle Royale world by jumping to PlayStation 4 remains to be seen, but what’s certain is that Spellbreak’s first foray on console should please fans of the genre eager for something a little different.