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Splatoon 3 release date, trailer & everything we know so far

It's time to get messy for a third time with Nintendo's popular paint / action hybrid game. Yes that does sound weird when you say it out loud

Updated: Feb 10, 2022 9:57 am

Nintendo Direct didn’t disappoint and while we weren’t exactly blessed with surprises we do get to look forward to the return of a few favorites. Splatoon was one of the main reasons to play on a Nintendo Switch for a good while and more news of the third installment of Nintendo’s, er, decorate ’em-up should be warmly received.

We got a decent look at the gameplay – not that we did;t know exactly what it would be like, but also a glance at some of the new bosses we will come up against. But what else do we know at the moment?

Splatoon 3 trailer

If you have two and a half minutes to spare and you are a big Splatoon fan, then you need to watch below. If you have never truly been convinced by firing paint everywhere, check it out, it might just change your mind.

Splatoon 3 release date

We first saw Splatoon 3 last year but now Nintendo has firmed up the release date (slightly) to Summer 2022. That’s still a bit on the vague side but we would imagine a July/August release is on the cards, possibly to tie in with school holidays and the like. We will update this page when things firm up a little.

It’s going to be a busy old year for Nintendo and the Switch with some huge games on the horizon. We expect Splatoon 3 to do pretty well, it has an established audience, a solid IP and it looks a lot of fun.

Watch this space.

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