STALKER 2 Release Date – STALKER 2 Game Pass – STALKER 2 Multiplayer

When Is The STALKER 2 Release Date? Will STALKER 2 Be Delayed? STALKER 2 Multiplayer?

STALKER 2 Release Date STALKER 2 Game Pass Day One
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The STALKER 2 release date has been confirmed! Read below for the full details of the STALKER 2 release on PC and consoles and about when you can access STALKER 2 on Game Pass.

When Is The STALKER 2 Release Date? STALKER 2 Delayed?

The STALKER 2 release date has been confirmed as April 28, 2022 by the developers – a nice specific date that we hope GSC Game World will be able to keep in this time of ever slipping release dates.

On that subject, the STALKER sequel has had somewhat of a hellish development – originally being announced in 2010 before being canceled two years later, only to resurface in a different form in 2018.

Whilst we’d certainly put money on the game coming out in 2022, even if we do once again see STALKER 2 delayed, we have our fingers crossed that GSC Game World will be able to iron out most of the bugs which plagued the earlier installments of the game, so that we at least get a nice polished release.

STALKER 2 will be playable on Xbox Series X/S and on Windows PC.

STALKER 2 Game Pass Day One?

STALKER 2 Game Pass Day One

It has been confirmed that not only will STALKER 2 Game Pass be a reality, but that Game Pass subscribers will get day-one access to STALKER 2 on its release.

Another big win for the Game Pass crew!

STALKER 2 PlayStation Release

The developers GSC World, have announced that STALKER 2 will be a Microsoft exclusive release – meaning it will be limited to PC and Xbox gamers.

However, leaked documents that emerged from the ongoing Epic Games v. Apple lawsuit have suggested that this exclusivity agreement will only last for 3 months.

Whether or not the developers choose to port the game to the PlayStation following this date is up to them, but there’s no reason we couldn’t see STALKER 2 on PlayStation in the latter half of 2022.

STALKER 2 Multiplayer

Well-known leaker @Klobrille also claims that a multiplayer mode will be coming to STALKER 2 not long after the release – exciting stuff! Of course, this is not an official confirmation of its existence, but we’re crossing our fingers.

Whilst we don’t have any further information at this stage, rest assured that as soon as any STALKER 2 multiplayer titbits come out we’ll make sure you’re the first to know.