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Starkeepers Announced During IGN Expo

Updated: Jun 10, 2022 6:19 pm
Starkeepers Announced During IGN Expo

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A brand new MMO game has been announced during IGN Expo. That game is Starkeepers, developed by Wolfpack games.

Starkeepers Announced @ IGN Expo

As stated by Wolfpack Games:

Many eons ago, benevolent cosmic creators broke through the eternal darkness of primordial oblivion and carefully stitched together an expansive celestial multiverse in its place. The omnipotent divinity then called upon their beloved children, the Astrals, to safeguard the universe in their wake. Immerse in a vast open-world of boundless opportunity through the eyes of these ancient spirits, and craft a legacy worth of a place in the mythological pantheon.”

The game will allow you to travel through a mysterious world with friends, creating alliances and figuring out the best way to traverse this mysterious world. You can build locations, demolish them and fight alongside your friends… or you can betray them and take everything that they’ve taken dearly.

Who are Wolfpack Games?

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Wolfpack Games is a team made up of veterans from the industry. The development team includes Ghost Recon’s Art Director and the Head Producer for Amazon’s recent Lord of The Rings MMO, and they’re attempting to capture that vibe when it comes to developing Starjammers.

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