Steam Game Festival Returns with 40+ Demos

Steam Game Festival

With so many gaming events and conferences canceled, most notably the Game Developers Conference (GDC), there is some good news out there. 

To help make up for it Steam and Geoff Keighley have put together a brand new Steam Game Festival which will help to showcase upcoming and new games. 

This is to ensure that those games which have missed out on a chance to showcase at gaming events can have their moment in the spotlight. It also gives gamers who are finding themselves stuck indoors for the next few weeks something new to try out which is a huge relief for many of us who are already bored!

How Will It Differ From Last Year’s Steam Game Festival?

We’ve already had a Game Festival on Steam last year in December which was in conjunction with The Game Awards. This gave gamers the benefit of accessing lots of demos for several games and was a great success. In the Spring Edition, the festival will be on a larger scale and more than 40 games will be featured with demos available.

The short statement and announcement were posted on Twitter yesterday.

“With 40+ titles featured, the Spring Edition highlights an even larger selection of games from studios who missed out on the chance to demo their games at showcases like Indie MEGABOOTH, Day of the Devs and The MIX during this year’s GDC.”

How Long Will The Steam Game Festival Last For?

While the first Game Festival on Steam made demos available for only 48 hours, this time around the festival will run from 10 am PDT on March 18th to March 23rd, finishing at 10 am PDT.

So, while there’s still time to get to know some new games, we’d advise you to act fast and find the ones you want to sink some time into for the weekend ahead before they disappear.

You can check out the full list of game demos available and grab yourself a copy by checking Steam.