Steam Summer Sale Event

Steam Summer Sale Event

UPDATE: Steam summer sale event is now live! The event will run until the 9th of July giving you ample time to find the perfect deal.

The Steam sales we see throughout the year are revered by gamers all over. These events give us more PC games for our cash and potentially great deals on titles you’ve had your eyes on for ages!

The actual dates of these sales aren’t usually known outside of the company but rumours of leaks usually begin to appear before a big sales event, leading to wide speculation and excitement. You normally get two major sales, one in the summer and winter seasons with smaller sales taking place in spring and autumn.

In this article, we are going to cover the rumoured dates of the summer Steam sale, how long the sale is on for, and some tips to help you take advantage of the event.

What is the Steam summer sale event?

The summer sale is usually one of the better ones Steam have during the year as it features the most amount of discounted games.

Steam slash prices on big and small games alike with some indie titles also getting a cut meaning there is usually something for everyone. You can get some great deals on bundled games during the sales too so always keep your eye out for those as it may not cost that much extra for the collection.

When is the Steam summer sale event?

Strangely after hearing a few mentions of the Steam spring sale, there didn’t seem to be anything in terms of an ‘event’. Of course, there are always sales on Steam however the lack of a spring sale may have annoyed the inpatient.

Don’t worry though, the summer Steam sale event details have been leaked and we are now expected the summer sale to happen in last week of June 2019! In the past, they normally happen towards the end of the week so we can assume the sale date could start around the 25th-27th but it could be sooner or later we just don’t know yet.

How long do Steam sales usually last?

The summer sale normally lasts somewhere between one to two weeks, giving us ample time to take advantage of some deals. The summer and winter sales events are the major ones during the year and last a bit longer than the spring and autumn sales.

Things to consider before the Steam sale arrives

If you have an idea of what games you would like to purchase in the future then consider using Steams wishlist feature. When you add a game to your wishlist, Steam will email you when that game is on sale, saving you from constantly checking or missing out entirely.

If you haven’t used the wishlist feature before don’t worry it’s actually quite simple. When you are in the Steam shop browsing games if you click on the desired game you will see an ‘Add to wishlist’ button beneath the featured images. Click this button and a tick will appear meaning you will now get notifications when the game lowers in price/ goes on sale.

You can manage your wishlist if you navigate to your Steam profile and click ‘games’ on the right-hand side, you will see a ‘wishlist’ tab.

Start adding the games you love to the wishlist and get yourself ready for the imminent Steam summer sale event.

We recommend you keep your eyes out for any deals on DLC for games you currently own as the sales are a great opportunity to get back into those old titles you stopped playing.

Not Long To Wait

So the Steam summer sale event is around the corner and for some that can feel a bit too far away, especially with that saved cash burning a hole in your pocket. Don’t worry, the discounted games will be making their way into your libraries soon enough and we can return to endless hours on of gameplay our new builds.