SteelSeries Black Friday Deals 2020

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Black Friday is around the corner and if there is ever a time to grab yourself a deal on gaming peripherals, it’s now! Every year massive gaming peripheral companies like Logitech and Razer have joined in with Black Friday. This year we are going to see SteelSeries enter with their own Black Friday deals and we couldn’t be more excited.

SteelSeries has some of the best gaming headsets, gaming keyboards, and mousepads out there, so grabbing a deal on one of these items is going to be a huge win.

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SteelSeries Black Friday Deals 2020

SteelSeries is well known for creating well-designed, high-end gaming peripherals. The brand excels with their recent line of gaming keyboards, mousepads, and have plenty of gaming mice for a wide variety of consumers. It appears as though SteelSeries is going to be making a bigger effort with Black Friday in 2020, so we can expect some very lucrative deals coming our way over the next few weeks.

SteelSeries Black Friday

With several of the biggest online retailers stocking multiple different SteelSeries products, we are sure there are going to be a wide selection of Black Friday deals.

Black Friday SteelSeries Deals 2020

SteelSeries is a huge gaming peripheral company, supplying gamers with everything from mice to headsets. SteelSeries will likely be doing deals across all peripherals and probably on a few other accessories they sell.

Mice Deals

SteelSeries have had a few popular gaming mice in their time and we expect to see some of those classics lower in price when Black Friday arrives. We aren’t sure what will be on offer yet but the Rival line of mice is likely to feature.

Keyboard Deals

SteelSeries’ most recent line of gaming keyboards, the Apex, are considered as some of the best gaming keyboards currently available. These boards retail for high prices, so any Black Friday deals are likely to be quite attractive.

Headset Deals

SteelSeries offers some of the best gaming headsets on the market, with a range catering to a variety of budgets. The peripheral giant is likely to offer some form of discount on their headsets for Xbox, Playstation, and PC. 

Mouse Pads

Another area SteelSeries excels in with the gaming community is with mouse pads. Their QcK line of pads are high-quality and already quite affordable. SteelSeries has a mouse pad to fit any desk, so let’s hope the deals follow suit!

Where To Find The Best Black Friday SteelSeries Deals

Black Friday is now far from the small sales event that it once was. Black Friday now spans up to a week with some retailers but in any case, most retailers will be taking part. This means that there will be several places to try and grab a SteelSeries Black Friday deal this 2020.

To ease the whole process, we are going to be scouring the web to find the very best Black Friday Steelseries deals out there and bring them all right here.


Amazon is one of the biggest retailers in the world and usually features incredible Black Friday deals, well, on everything. The marketplace giant stocks plenty of SteelSeries peripherals so is the best place to start for those Black Friday deals.

Best Buy

Best Buy is a popular stop for many in the US and while they may not have the same variety compared to Amazon, there is still plenty of potential for a great Black Friday deal. 


Newegg is similar to Amazon and always a great place to shop for gaming peripherals. Newegg features SteelSeries products, so it is now just a waiting game to see what prices drop first.

SteelSeries Black Friday Deals 2019

We always like to look at last year’s Black Friday sales to give us a good idea of what we can expect for Black Friday in 2020. We aren’t sure how much SteelSeries were pushing Black Friday in 2019 but we know they are going to be going for it this time around. We expect to see the SteelSeries Sensei & Rival lines of gaming mice in the featured deals, with one of two of their Arctis headsets, and QcK mousepads.

Final Word

There we have it, all the best SteelSeries Black Friday deals available in 2020 right here! This is the best time to grab yourself a new gaming mouse or keyboard, as the savings are simply too good to miss out on.

We are going to be continually updating this page as the Black Friday deals roll out, so bookmark this article and ensure you don’t miss out on anything.