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Super Mario Odyssey 2 leak – More internet nonsense or rumors with substance?

It'sa meeee - looking into another leak and wondering when it will all stop

Updated: Dec 14, 2021 3:00 pm
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Another day, another leak of a big title. Another article to write covering it… just in case. We live in a world where any Tom, Dick, or Wario can tweet they have exclusive info, and seconds later it is magically transported to the carnage that is Reddit, and all of sudden – hmm, I better write a story on that.

And here it is. Internet sleuths have once again been digging away, keen to find something on a project that is not only not confirmed, but not even confirmed is even happening. Just think how cool it will be though if it is!

Super Mario Odyssey 2 leak

First, this has come from one of the more nefarious edges of the internet, so we aren’t going to link it, because it’s not really family-friendly and we do have kids reading, but the leak suggests that there is concept art doing the rounds for Super Mario Odyssey and that this time around, Luigi will be playable.

Now, even if this is not absolute nonsense and does exist, it’s not that unrealistic to think that Nintendo would have gone through a concept stage given how popular the first game was.

We are also told there will be 20 locations which sounds about right.

So is it real?

Perhaps, certainly, the concept art could be. Whether some random would be given access to an online survey about video games as they suggest happened sounds highly fishy though. The world wants a sequel, therefore the world believes anything. Until we see something more concrete, I’m not buying it. The image doing the rounds could have been mocked up by pretty much anybody and is as far from concrete proof as you can get.

With that said, watch it launch tomorrow.

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