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Supposed RTX 4090 and 3080 20GB pictured

Just a few cool pics of graphics cards to show off

Updated: Sep 6, 2022 8:50 am
Supposed RTX 4090 and 3080 20GB pictured
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Following the potential RTX 4080 FE leak, we now have a possible RTX 4090 and 3080 20GB shown for the first time.

The new RTX 4090 image is for a full-fat AD102 prototype. And it is an engineering sample that Greymon55 supposedly shows on Twitter.

As it is a fairly simple design with no stand-out features and not the FE design as seen previously. Hence, it is believed to be an engineering sample, with a design that looks to AIBs for inspiration.

This is because it has three enclosed fans on one side only. Just like an MSI SUPRIM card the middle fan also rotates in the same direction.

There was also a leak of the 4090 currently in production. So we still expect it to launch by the end of the year as the lead for the RTX 4000 series.

RTX 3080 20GB pictured

Hongxing2020 on Twitter has shown off an RTX 3080 20 GB version. Although not officially released it was likely worked on during the height of the shortage as another product.

The user bought the card for 3XXX RMB so between $431USD/£372 and $575USD/£497. The card even has a warranty but no official drivers so more likely a collector’s item at this point.

But it still does work on mining and achieves about 97.48 MH/s in ETHASH. So it doesn’t even feature an LHR chip, showing that MSI was more than likely selling these cards directly to miners.

And now that it has become unprofitable, there is a lot more availability and these cards have to go somewhere. Especially with Ethereum moving on from proof of work to stake which won’t require graphics power.

Although this card still features display connectors. So it is not explicitly just for mining, but more likely just and canceled card that MSI sold on anyway.

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