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System Shock Release Date & Trailer

System Shock is finally coming later this year, with a lot of modernisation expected.

Updated: Jan 31, 2022 4:14 pm
System Shock

The original System Shock was one of those games that ended up defining gaming for an entire generation of PC gamers. Despite that, it’s been an insanely long time since the original game came out, and these days it can be incredibly tough to go back to. So, it’s been a long time coming that we finally got a full remake of the game with some modern quality of life improvements.

System Shock Screenshot

While the game has been in development since late 2015, it’s finally the year where we should hopefully get our hands on the title in full. Check out the release information that we’ve compiled for you below to tide yourself over until the game actually gets here.

System Shock Release Date

Development of this remake was first hinted at back in 2015 after an enhanced port of the game was favorably released on PC. At the time the developers had plans to call the new title System Shock: Remastered, but after putting in an immense amount of work, that last part was dropped to reflect how much has been done to improve the game.

As far back as July 2021, the game was still planned for a 2021 release date, but since then has been pushed back. Now, the clearest that we can be is that the game will release in 2022 at some point.

System Shock Trailer

The original System Shock was a first-person action game with a very techno edge, but since it was made in 1994, it was also pretty clunky to play. The new version of the game is also going to be a first-person game but will lean more towards RPG as the sequel did. On top of that, it should be much easier to play with modern standardized controls and graphics. Certainly, the gameplay so far looks a lot easier to enjoy.

For the most part, your time in the game is going to be spent creeping around access corridors and other tight spaces to explore Citadel Station. You also have the option of sneaking around or just going gun-crazy, though if this is anything like the original version, going gun-crazy is a great way for you to get yourself murdered by monsters.

You can check out the recent gameplay reveal for yourself below if you’re interested. It gives a good look at the research area of the station as well as a general gist of the gameplay.

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