Tencent Announces PvPvE Shooter Synced: Off-Planet At Gamescom

In partnership with NVIDIA, Tencent has announced Synced: Off-Planet, a new sci-fi third-person survival shooter set to offer players a mixed PvE and PvP gameplay experience clearly inspired by the success of Ubisoft’s The Division. Tencent has cooked up a cinematic trailer for the occasion.


The main selling point of Synced: Off-Planet, developed by Tencent-owned NExT Initiative, is the ability for fifty players to take part in a single match alongside a one-thousand strong horde of Namos, an army of twisted, roaming cyborg-like mutants. Combat will, therefore, range between taking on other players while keeping tabs on the advancing Namos.

Players will also have a selection of craftable items at their disposal as well as the ability to build safe haven bases using resources found in the world to bolster their chances of warding off the swarms of zombies. Progression will also center on a level system based on gathered experience that unlocks perks and skills.

The goal is to team up to ensure survival and ultimately forge a path to get off-planet as the title suggests. There’s also the matter of ferrying non-combatant survivors to Ark-Shuttles blasting off from Earth’s desecrated remains.

The atmosphere is distinctly dark, and from what we can see, there will be a degree of backstabbing between groups to get ahead. Weaponry will range from melee weapons and projectiles to traditional guns with an emphasis on futuristic tech to aid things along.

NVIDIA’s involvement means SYNCED: Off-Planet makes full use of real-time ray-tracing tech, and we can fully expect this one to be quite the looker when it finally launches, not to speak of the demands it will have on the player’s gaming rig.

As for when this might be, Tencent hasn’t provided an exact date or even release window suggesting 2020 at the earliest. Platform-wise, PC is all but guaranteed with consoles unlikely given Tencent’s focus on the Chinese market and the niche interest these other platforms have in that territory.