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Thermaltake’s Divider Series Grows, Introducing Three New Models

The Divider Series now features a case for each form factor

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When it comes to PC hardware, Thermaltake is a leading brand, with its fingers in many innovative pies from components to PC cases. As part of Thermaltake’s showcases at the recent expo, they introduced three new models for their Divider Series PC case lineup, two of which included “Air Editions” for those that favor performance over aesthetics.

In addition to the Divider 300 Air edition, we saw the introduction of the Divider 500 TG ARGB and Air, along with the Divider 200 TG and TG Air. The cases offer a unique aesthetic and the 500 TG ARGB version should be available this month for purchase.



Thermaltake Divider Series

The divider series most notable attribute is its modular panel design, with the signature tempered glass panel that is essentially cut in half diagonally from corner to corner. The series features cases that range in form factor from Mini-ITX/Micro ATX up to ATX, covering most bases also now comes with the option of either tempered glass ARGB or Air.

thermaltake divider series

Other notable features in the range include; vertical GPU mounting, USB Type-C, and a semi-modular nature that allows you to swap and change panels to create your own unique version of the case.

Thermaltake Divider 500 & 300

The Divider 500 and 300 are both mid-tower pc cases, with the 500 being available in both ARGB and Air. The Divider 500 comes with additional side panels out of the box, giving you the option to alter the aesthetics immediately.

Thermaltake Divider 200

The Divider 200 is the ranges micro-case, that isn’t considered ITX but is in the perfect sweet spot of small footprint, with plenty of room for a fabulous build. The new Divider 200 is going to be available in a tempered glass edition and a TG air edition for greater versatility.

All of the Thermaltake Divider series PC cases are going to be available to purchase very soon, with the Divider 500 reportedly on sale this month. The entire lineup can be purchased in either “Black or Snow” but with all that glass and thick perforated metal, it should be interesting what thermal results these are yet to yield.

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