TH ARGB Sync AIO CPU Coolers Announced By Thermaltake

Thermaltake has recently announced a new CPU cooler in the form of the TH ARGB Sync AIO model. While the name is certainly a mouthful, these coolers are definitely aimed towards enthusiasts.

Different Models For Different Needs

These will ship in two different variants, a 120 mm model and a 240 mm model. The size difference isn’t the only thing that sets these two coolers apart though, the 120 mm model will include a high static pressure fan, whereas the 240 mm model will have two 120 mm high static pressure fans as well as a fan controller to give users some control. 

If you’re looking for some extra RGB lighting to spice up your build, a CPU cooler is a great way to do so. Both of these coolers feature RGB lighting on the fans and the CPU pump, controllable via the motherboard or through software. Currently, these RGB lights work with all the software you’d come to expect such as RGB Fusion, Mystic Light, Aura, Biostar RGB Sync and Polychrome RGB.

The Main Features

The smart fan controller will allow users to switch between LED modes as well as speeds if they are using a motherboard without a 5-volt RGB header. You can also control the pattern of the lighting through effects such as pulse, blink, flow and you can even turn the lighting off if needed. 

Both of these fans will use a high-efficiency radiator which allows for an increase in heat dissipation through the large cooling surface. The water block on offer here uses a copper base plate to provide a good level of heat conductivity from the CPU out towards the radiator. As well as this, the water pump has a fixed speed of 3,300 RPM to enable the maximum amount of water circulation.

When it comes to connectivity, these fans will use a 4 pin PWM connector which will allow for a fan speed of up to RPM with a maximum noise output of 28.2 dBA. 

This certainly looks to be the perfect cooling solution for PCs enthusiasts and RGB fans alike. The pricing information as well as when and where this cooling solution will be available is currently unclear. If we hear any more news, we will keep you in the loop.