Intel Tiger Lake CPUs Massively Outperform Ice Lake and AMD Ryzen 4000 In Graphical Performance

Freshly leaked benchmarks for Intel’s Tiger Lake CPUs suggest the Xe GPU-armed chips will outperform existing 11th-Gen GPUs found in Ice Lake CPUs by more than double in terms of graphical performance.

The leaks come courtesy of known leaker _rogame, who shared their findings on Twitter late yesterday, in the form of 3DMark Fire Strike benchmarks for several Tiger Lake SKUs. Alongside, media outlet NotebookCheck published slides about similar Fire Strikes results.

The slides point to four Tiger Lake SKUs – a Tiger Lake Core i3 with a TDP of 15 W, a Tiger Lake Core i5 with a TDP of 15 W, a Tiger Lake Core i7 with a 15 W TDP, and finally, another Core i7 with a TDP of 28 W. The slides also use an Ice lake i3 and i7, both with Iris Plus, as reference points.

The TDP rating makes it abundantly clear that Intel has its sights firmly set on competing with AMD’s Ryzen 4000 U-series chip with similarly low TDP ranging from 15 W to 25 W.

In terms of performance, the slides suggest that the Tiger Lake variants will outdo their previous generation counterparts by upwards of 50% despite having an identical TDP. In particular, the Core i5 and Core i7 SKU spike way past the 50% mark of the Ice Lake CPUs.

For example, the 96 EU Tiger Lake i7 is over three times faster than the Ice Lake i3 and over two times faster than the Ice Lake i7. Topping the slides is the 28 W variant of the Tiger Lake i7 with performance well over three times as fast as both the Ice Lake chips.

While it’s worth taking unconfirmed slides snapped with a phone rather than a screenshot with a good dose of salt, _rogame appears to back up their credibility with Fire Strike results that, despite being lower, aren’t massively disproportionate to NotebookCheck’s findings.

Here they are for reference:

28W TGL-U 96EU LP4x: 4514 (180%)

4800U LP4x : 3906 (150.23%)

4700U LP4x : 3464 (133.23%)

25W 1065G7 SL3: 3241 (124.65%)

4500U LP4x : 3192 (122.77%)

4600U DDR4 : 2897 (111.42%)

> 15W 1065G7: 2600 (100%)

TGL-U i3 2.7GHz : 2281 (87.73%)

4450U : 2256 (86.77%)

The overall impression is that the Tiger Lake CPUs are looking to outclass AMD’s rival products across the board. Once again, a bit of skepticism is recommended.