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What is today’s Wordle 276? Hints, answer and meaning March 22

"Water" tripped people up recently, this one might shake things up too

Updated: Mar 22, 2022 10:09 am
What is today’s Wordle 276? Hints, answer and meaning March 22

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A quick look on Twitter will always give you an idea of how generally difficult people are finding the day’s Wordle. And Wordle #276 for March 22 is taking many people close to losing their streak.

If you’re desperate to keep your streak going, you might need some help today. So, as we do every day, we’ll give you a few hints to get you closer to the answer, and the answer itself if you’re dangerously close to getting guess six wrong. But best not use this guide to cheat your way to a 2/6, no one will believe you..

Wordle 276 hints for March 22

  • One consonant appears twice in today’s Wordle answer
  • Like yesterday, today’s Wordle contains a digraph
  • There is only one vowel in today’s word

A couple more for a difficult day…

  • The digraph is at the end of the word
  • The vowel in today’s word is O and is the third letter

What is today’s Wordle answer for March 22?

On guess six and don’t want to lose your streak to such a silly word? Go on, then read on for the answer. But, as always, here’s you last Spoiler Alert warning… today’s Wordle answer for March 22 is below this image… You’ve been warned.

today's wordle answer 276 March 22 hints and meaning
Don’t worry, this isn’t today’s keyboard…

And today’s ridiculous Wordle answer is… SLOSH. What? Why? Of all the five-letter words out there, it’s not exactly one that springs to mind easily. Probably why it’s taken most people a while to get there. Including us…

Our poor attempt at Wordle 276

Slosh meaning

This is another word that, albeit not an everyday word, is probably known by most. But just in case, the word slosh is a verb to – most frequently – describe the sound of a liquid moving around rapidly. It does have a variety of slang meanings as well, particularly in British slang, including to hit someone or to be extremely drunk.

And before we go rest our brains for another 24 hours, don’t forget we have a hints and tips guide for every Wordle, as well as our top pick of games similar to Wordle. Why not check them out?

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