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What is today’s Wordle answer? Hints for #278 March 24

Puff out your torso with pride when you get today's Wordle answer

Updated: Mar 24, 2022 9:48 am
What is today’s Wordle answer? Hints for #278 March 24

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Today’s Wordle puzzle for March 24, 2022, contains a treasure – a relatively simple answer! And a rare treasure, at that, particularly since New York Times took the game over.

Looking – as we do – on Twitter, the home for most people’s Wordle gloating, today’s Wordle answer is actually a lot of people’s first guess! We’re still waiting for our starter word to pop up, but today has left us feeling particularly hopeful that our day will come. Let us know if you’ve had a 1/6, or if today’s Wordle answer was, in fact, your first guess. And if you weren’t that lucky today and are having a bit of trouble, keep reading for five clues, today’s Wordle answer itself, and its definitions.

Hints for Wordle 278, March 24

  • There are two uses for today’s word.
  • Both meanings of today’s Wordle are nouns.
  • Today’s Wordle answer includes just one vowel.

A couple more bonus clues

  • Today’s word contains a digraph – two letters together making a single sound.
  • The vowel is E and it is in the middle of the word.

What is today’s Wordle answer for March 24?

Today’s Wordle is one of the easier ones, but as it still all comes down to your earlier guesses, you still could be struggling – and there’s no shame in that! If that is the case, read on for the answer, but make sure you really want to before you scroll below this image, as this is your last *spoiler warning*…

Today's Wordle answer hints and meaning New York Times

Today’s Wordle answer is… CHEST. Depending on your early guesses this one actually should be relatively easy as there aren’t too many other words starting in CH and ending in T. Similarly, there aren’t too many option with the mid-section either. And, interestingly, there are only two words available with all five letters, “chest” and “techs”.

Chest meaning

Today's Wordle answer 278 March 24

Of course “chest” has a couple of different meanings, but is always used as a noun. Unusually, you could almost argue that both meanings of the word chest, while unrelated, are just as common as each other. One is in reference to the upper part of a human or animal’s torso, the other a storage box, most commonly made of wood.

There’s not much else to say about today’s Wordle, so come back tomorrow for an update on Wordle 279. In the meantime, check out some Wordle alternatives, including some you can even play on a retro computer!

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