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What is today’s Wordle 286? Hints and answer for April 1

Today's Wordle answer is no joke

Updated: Apr 1, 2022 10:45 am
today's Wordle answer 286 April 1 2022

Yes, I’m reusing my obvious pun from the subheading in case you missed it because, hey, April 1st only comes around once a year. But today’s Wordle really is no joke. Yet another one that has already tripped a few up, with more choices than there are guesses. So if you aren’t looking for any more issues than necessary this April Fool’s Day, read on for some hints to keeping your streak with today’s Wordle answer.

Wordle 286 hints for April 1, 2022

  • The answer to today’s Wordle is a noun.
  • There are two, consecutive vowels in today’s word.
  • All five letters are in the top ten most used in five-letter words.

And two more, April Fool’s Day is rough enough

  • The definition of today’s word involves animals.
  • The vowels in today’s answer are O and U.

What is today’s Wordle answer for April 1?

If those hints still haven’t got you there and there’s still a few choices you’re stuck between, then read on for the answer. But this is the last warning before today’s Wordle answer #286 is ruined for you forever, so only read on if you’re sure!

keyboard 2

So, yet again, with all the possible words with letters 1, 3, 4 and 5, today’s answer really is the last one you’d guess… SNOUT. Your other options, and those that clearly plenty of people tried, include shout, spout, scout and stout. So you can see why today’s Wordle is a problem yet again. NYT really need to ease up on us.

today's Wordle answer 286 April 1 2022

Hopefully we managed to save you from the distress of losing your Wordle streak, so of course we’ll be back with more hints to keep you going when Wordle #287 is live tomorrow. Until then, check out some Wordle alternatives, look back on some past Wordle answers, or get some general, day-to-day Wordle tips.

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