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Top Twitch Earners: 50 richest Twitch earners – according to Twitch data leak

Data breach lists the names at the top of the Twitch earnings hit parade

Updated: Jan 10, 2022 2:49 pm
Top Twitch Earners: 50 richest Twitch earners – according to Twitch data leak

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The massive Twitch data leak has revealed who the biggest earners are on Amazon’s ubiquitous streaming platform. According to the figures mined from the 128MB torrent file, we are able to ascertain that CriticalRole has received more than $9.6m since 2019, with 81 of the top 100 earners receiving more than a million dollars from donations and subs. We assume they’ve all declared their earnings with their local tax authorities and paid the requisite amount. (Amazon is a law unto itself in that regard.) 

Some of the biggest names in the top 50 include risque hot tub occupant Amouranth ($1.4m), Sonic the Hedgehog look alike Ninja ($1.4m), Escape from Tarkov streamer DrLupo ($1.9m) and recent New World convert shroud ($2.0m). There are five Twitch streamers that have amassed more than $5m since 2019, NICKMERCS, Tfue, summit1g, xQcOW, with CriticalRole at the top of the earnings tree with close to $10m in the bank. Right at the bottom of the list of 10,000 streamers is Dwarf_Mamba.

The list below obviously doesn’t take into account full earnings, only what each streamer has received directly from Twitch. Many streamers have lucrative sponsorship and merchandising deals far in excess of what they receive from donations and direct subs. If we had access to full earnings data, the likes of Ninja, auronplay, and many others would be much further up than they are. 

Twitch Earnings List

Twitch StreamerTwitch Earnings
1CriticalRole $9.6m
2xQcOW $8.5m
3summit1g $5.8m
4Tfue $5.3m
6ludwig $3.3m
8Altoar $3.1m
9auronplay $3.1m
10LIRIK $3.0m
11__unknown__ $2.9m
12Gaules $2.8m
13HasanAbi $2.8m
14Asmongold $2.6m
15loltyler1 $2.5m
16RanbooLive $2.4m
17MontanaBlack88 $2.4m
18ibai $2.3m
19Castro_1021 $2.3m
20MOONMOON $2.2m
21TheRealKnossi $2.1m
22moistcr1tikal $2.1m
23Mizkif $2.1m
24CohhCarnage $2.1m
25shroud $2.0m
26AdmiralBahroo $2.0m
27Pestily $2.0m
28Sykkuno $1.9m
29ESL_CSGO $1.9m
30LVNDMARK $1.9m
31DrLupo $1.9m
32AdinRoss $1.9m
33Clix $1.8m
34TeePee $1.8m
35Rubius $1.8m
36PaymoneyWubby $1.8m
37alanzoka $1.7m
38Trainwreckstv $1.6m
39pokimane $1.5m
40tommyinnit $1.5m
41Maximilian_DOOD $1.5m
42GRONKH $1.5m
43sodapoppin $1.5m
44ZeratoR $1.4m
45BobbyPoffGaming $1.4m
46Ninja $1.4m
47Philza $1.4m
48Amouranth $1.4m
49BruceGreene $1.3m
50Odablock $1.3m

Amazon is yet to officially respond to the Twitch data breach, although the organization has acknowledged the scope and seriousness of what has been revealed by hackers. When we have more, we will update this page.

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