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Total War 9 mentioned in massive GeForce Now leak

So where and when next for Creative Assembly after Total War: Warhammer III?

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As part of the huge tranche of games listed in the vast GeForce Now leak is mention of a “Total War 9”. That’s not a lot to go on, admittedly, but it’s clearly a reference to the next in Creative Assembly’s historical strategy series.

So far there have been 15 Total War games released. Among them there are two in the Total War: Warhammer series, three Total War Sagas, and two (Napoleon and Attila) that are considered more in the realm of standalone expansions (as was Fall of the Samurai before it was rebranded a Saga).

Assuming the leak is full of hot truths, this means that the next Total War game to be released after Total War: Warhammer III won’t be a Saga, or a standalone successor to Total War: Three Kingdoms, but a new mainline Total War game – the ninth.


Where and when will Total War 9 be set?

Either Total War 9 will be set during a time period or part of the world Creative Assembly have yet to explore, or the game will be a sequel to one of its previous titles in the series. Assuming that to be true (and yes, it’s a big assumption), here are our best guesses for what Total War 9 could turn out to be.

Total War: Empire II

Total War: Empire is a personal favorite, but the game is not generally remembered by many as a highlight of the series. Many think that Creative Assembly bit off more than it could chew (much like the British Empire) by attempting a game that encompassed the globe and included naval as well as land battles. Twelve years on, perhaps Creative Assembly is ready to take on the world one more time?

Total War: Medieval III

It’s been a long time since Creative Assembly visited the medieval period, despite there being two games in the series that have. Far too long, in fact. Given the enduring success of Crusader Kings since, and Paradox going around stealing some of Creative Assembly’s grand strategy thunder, it’s about time Total War fought back. Could Total War 9 be the game to lead the charge?

A Total War game set in India

The best historical Total War games are those that have explored locations and periods of history that haven’t been spoiled by Hollywood epics. That’s why Shogun and Three Kingdoms are arguably two of the most interesting and enjoyable Total War games ever released. It would make sense therefore if the series explored the great lands of India and the wars of the Chola and Mughal Empires. It would be worth it for the soundtrack alone.

Whatever the truth in the GeForce Now leak, the eventual appearance of Total War 9 is an inevitability. When it does pop its head over the battlements, what helmet do you think it will be wearing?

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