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Total War Shogun 3 – Is it happening & any sign of a release date?

Currently an internet myth but do the rumors of Total War: Shogun 3 have any legs that we know of it

Updated: Feb 8, 2022 10:18 am
Total War Shogun 3 – Is it happening & any sign of a release date?

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There’s been a lot of speculation of late that the Shogun corner of the Total War franchise could be in line for a third game. Excitement rose when the recent Nvidia leak suggested that there was to be a ‘Total War 9’ game released later this year.

As much as we would love a new Shogun game there is simply nothing out there at this stage to suggest it is a thing right now.

In fact, if there is be a new Total War game in 2022 that we don’t yet know about it could well be a ‘saga’ game – basically a cut-down version of the all-in Total War experience.

We have Total War: Warhammer 3 arriving before the end of February anyway so the prospects of another major release this year is slim to none. We would however be surprised if there hasn’t at least been a feasibility discussion over the possibility.

Shogun Total War 3 release date

At this stage, we don’t even have confirmation the game exists. That’s not to say we won’t get an announcement of the next big Total War game before the end of the year but that is about the best we can hope for at this stage in our opinion.

The good news is with the likes of Total War: Warhammer 3 coming to Xbox Game Pass on Day 1 it could suggest that future Total War games could head the same way.

It’s been a decade since we got Shogun Total War 2 and the franchise itself is now an amazing 22 years old, so you could definitely see an opportunity for a third game in the series. We have had several samurai/shogun-based games in the past few years that certainly show the historical era remains popular with gamers.

Would you like to see Shogun 3? What would you like to see in the game, drop us a comment and start the discussion below?

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