Trespasser Elite Fortnite Skin – Here’s How To Get It!

Epic has released several cosmetics for Season 7, here's how to get the Trespasser skin.

Trespasser Elite Fortnite
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Season 7 has been highly regarded by Fortnite fans, with plenty of bug fixes and additional content to keep everyone happy. Epic recently released several cosmetics for season 7 Fortnite, one of which is the free Trespasser Elite skin. Epic, especially through Fortnite, loves to do the odd collaboration and the recent Stream Elements X collab brings in a few new rewards, which include the Trespasser Elite Fortnite skin. this epic outfit will eventually be sold in the item shop but for a limited time you can pick this up just by streaming.


Trespasser Elite Fortnite – How To Get It

The StreamElements collab has brought about some goodies to dig our teeth into, one of which is the Trespasser elite skin. To get this for free, gamers need to stream Fortnite for around 10 hours, with five concurrent viewers throughout the stream. Once complete, you will receive a special code to redeem your skin. Unfortunately, the majority of us don’t stream, or have 5 concurrent viewers, so will have to wait for the item to become available in the shop. Content creators are getting these free rewards to encourage them to promote Fortnite, however, the rest of us will need V-bucks to purchase this item through the shop.

About Trespassers

Trespassers do not currently attack players unless they deal damage to their saucers and they can be shaken down to locate other Trespassers or Alien Parasites. Trespassers randomly replace some NPCs and their appearance, to blend in, however, when their cover is blown, they will attack.