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Trio of new Wireless gaming peripherals from Razer

Designed to minimize latency and boost gaming performance

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Razer has just announced updates to three of their popular product lines, featuring their latest wireless connectivity standard, the updated version of Razer HyperSpeed Wireless technology. These are updates to their existing product, designed to reduce latency and offer a more consistent and reliable signal.

Razer’s latest iteration of their high-end gaming headset now offers up to 24 Hour Battery life, 12 Meter Range, and high-performance audio playback and recording. With 50mm Drivers, and a high quality built-in Microphone, this makes a great choice for live streaming, in-game chat, music and film, and many other usage scenarios.

Razer have updated their DeathAdder wireless mouse with their latest wireless technology, to ensure the most reliable, accurate, and latency-free cursor experience imaginable. Razer claims that this mouse is 25% faster than any others on the market.

Featuring an extremely accurate 20,000 DPI sensor, with 99.6% resolution accuracy, this is ideal for use in both gaming and productivity contexts.

This versatile gaming keyboard can be used in either wired or wireless mode. It’s constructed with an aluminium body, and uses Alienware’s Chroma RGB lighting system. During wireless use, Razer rate this keyboard for up to up to 200 hours usage on a single charge.

Razer have updated the design of the BlackWidow with their latest Mechanical Switches and Doubleshot ABS keycaps, for reliable and satisfying keypresses, and quiet operation. Each key is rated for up to 80 million keystroke, and this keyboard comes with 2 years of warranty.

These three updated versions of Razer’s popular product lines are available to order today.


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