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Twitch leaks: Critical Role Twitch earns $9.6M

The popular Dungeons & Dragons group were part of the twitch leaks, revealing their twitch earnings over three years.

Updated: Feb 14, 2022 2:28 pm
Critical Role

Twitch leaks reveal the Critical Role Twitch channel has earned $9.6M USD over the course of three years alongside the enormous Twitch leak. The famous Dungeons & Dragons players have accumulated an active and adoring fanbase since 2015 when they started airing their first campaign.

With a fantastic cast of Laura Bailey, Taliesin Jaffe, Ashley Johnson, Liam O’Brien, Marisha Ray, Sam Riegel, Travis Willingham and Matthew Mercer as the Dungeon Master. It’s no wonder this group have become as widely adored as they are, and one of the top-ranked channels on Twitch.

critical role full cast photo credit anna azarov
Taliesin Jaffe, Laura Bailey, Travis Willingham, Marisha Ray, Matthew Mercer, Sam Riegal, Ashley Johnson and Liam O’Brien

With an average of 20,000 viewers per stream, 815,000 followers, and a total of 26.2 Million views overall, Critical Role is probably one of the most influential channels out there. Especially when it comes to the increasingly popular Dungeons & Dragons.

Who are Critical Role?

Critical Role is an American web series hosted by professional voice actors. These individuals all meet up and play / stream Dungeons & Dragons. They started airing their usual gaming sessions in 2015, but later the streams became so popular the production levels skyrocketed. Every Thursday, the group would stream on Twitch, later releasing the full-length videos on their YouTube channel. Each episode tends to average at 4 hours.

Campaign one ended in 2017 with a total of 115 episodes.

Campaign two ended in 2021 with a total of 141 episodes.

The third campaign is currently in progress. The stream continues to be widely popular and get increasing numbers of viewers each month.

Critical Role is largely owned by the cast, each of which has its own stake and hold on the group. With Travis Willingham serving as chief executive officer, Matthew Mercer as a chief creative officer, Marisha Ray as creative director, and other members of staff who help make Critical Role what it is.

Critical Role 1
Where There Is A Will… | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 138

The success of Critical Role

Other than their success on Twitch, the group has spread across other platforms and markets. What started as a group of friends playing a game they adore has turned into something far greater. The story that was born from the stream has now spread into:

The group has spread themselves far, they create the main form of content but also an astounding collection of merch. But they also host a lot of charity events, often hosting fundraising events.

An new animated Critical Role show

Critical Role launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a 22-minute animation called Critical Role: The Legend of Vox Machina Animated Special in 2019. The campaign ended with a whopping $11.3M, turning the intended animated special into a ten episodes animated series. 

Can't get enough of Critical Role's The Legend of Vox Machina? Start here -  Polygon

Amazon Prime Video later announced that they acquired streaming rights to the new show and commissioned extra episodes. Including a second season! The project was intended for a later 2020 release but due to the pandemic, this debut was delayed. However, after a long wait, the Legend of Vox Machina is now available to stream to all Amazon Prime members.

Critical Role Twitch earnings leaked

On the 5th of October, there was an enormous twitch data breach. This breach leaked the personal data of millions of users, including passwords, personal information, chat history, and even the earnings of some of Twitch’s top users. That includes the earnings of Critical Role.

It was revealed that Critical Role, from 2019 up until now has made $9,626,712.16.

Meaning that they made nearly $3,208,904.05 per year or $267,408.68 a month. This is solely based on their twitch account, so you can imagine alongside merch, and YouTube revenue, just how much Critical Role is worth. This sum will be based on both donations and subscribers. This number has gone to show that Critical Role is the top-earning channel on Twitch.

The group has yet to make a statement about this leak, but then again what’s there to be said? The group isn’t exactly hoarding the money to themselves and constantly announce new content, merch, and events. All of which are certainly using their earnings as expenditures. Critical Role has always been very fan-leaning and it’s clear they adore their fans, always wanting to please them (even at their own detriment sometimes).

Whether you like them or not, this leak has gone to show just how adored Critical Role is. And how successful they are as content creators.

15 thoughts on “Twitch leaks: Critical Role Twitch earns $9.6M”

  1. Jerry a

    So what do you get enjoyment out of watching them I do The production value is high It’s highly entertaining they deserve every cent The cost of an average Half hour comedy is over a million dollars per episode.

  2. Offstar

    They might of made $9.6 million or $3.2 million in the last year but that’s actually very little money. Critical role employs 31 people and is a business that means the business and employees get taxed. If you ignore all expenses they have, apply taxes, and divide the money relatively equally amongst everyone that amounts to like $70,000-$90,000 per person per year. And this is Critical Role we’re talking about so they’re definitely splitting the money pretty evenly. This of course ignores the money they send to charity, rent, equipment costs, the mini’s they use, designing and making merchandise, and more. You can expect to see that $70,000-$90,000 potentially cut in half. At first glance $9.6 million sounds big but it’s actually not a lot of money once it’s taxed, spent, and paid out.

    • Maya Hutchinson

      Especially when you factor in how much merch they make. Like obviously they sell it but the initial creating on any merch involves commissioning artists and designers, which will cost a small fortune! But yes, you’re absolutely right. Although the Critical Role ‘on-screen’ staff might seem small, there’s SO many people helping it work and obviously they need a living wage! And we see just how much content and extra stuff the CR do and make. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the cast take on many other VA roles cause they can focus solely on this. CR has become a genuinely great form of entertainment, proving that you don’t have to have absurd levels of budget or ‘contemporarily popular’ stuff to make something people love and enjoy.
      I’m honestly glad they make this much, cause it probably shows they’ll be long-living and can do this as long as they want. What with Campaign 3 also now giving Matt much deserved weekly rests and breaks, it’ll be even better for them all.

    • DJWG

      Couple errors there.

      They have 31 people, but some of that staff isn’t working on the show. The Darrington Press team is being paid by the sales of their games and books now. And the merch is likely self-sustaining now (after 4 years) and probably needs minimum investment from the stream, using money from past sales to fund new products.
      And corporates taxes would be paid AFTER expenses, i.e. salaries, which would reduce the percentage handed out. And that’s further reduced by their charitable work.
      And there’s also the other funds they’re bringing in from YouTube. Plus the many licensed works, advertisements & sponsors.

      They main cast is absolutely making a LOT more than $90k a year. Potentially double that.

    • Omega II

      (This is how I would do it)
      Considering they have other streams of income, like sponsors, they probably use the sub/donation money for crew since it is the most consistent revenue stream to ensure regular paychecks for the crew and rent. The 7 get paid from sponsor, merch profit, and other income steams.

      I know a couple of business owners, they say “office rent and paychecks comes before their house mortgage cause those bring in the money for the house mortgage”.

  3. Jerry A

    So what an average episode of television is over a million dollars And natalia there a little bit more entertaining than most TV shows.

  4. Richard Russom

    So? How many millions are shoveled into the pockets of any random Hollywood actor or sports star, and they turn out to be some of the most conceited and self absorbed yahoos around? I have absolutely no problem with Matt and gang doing well.

  5. Something that might be worth noting is critical role has a total of 30 people involved in the show, including the on-screen group. So, that 10,000,000 over 3 years gets whittled down to a little over 2k per main episode (nevermind there is a recap show each week) per staff member BEFORE taxes are involved and assuming each staff member gets an equal cut.

    Now reduce that for the commissioned minis, artwork, and props Mercer purchases, their own donations to multiple organizations, flights they spent money on to go to live shows… This might seem crazy but I don’t actually think it’s all THAT much money.

    • Maya Hutchinson

      Especially when you factor in how much merch they make. Like obviously they sell it but the initial creating on any merch involves commissioning artists and designers, which will cost a small fortune! But yes, you’re absolutely right. Although the Critical Role ‘on-screen’ staff might seem small, there’s SO many people helping it work and obviously they need a living wage!

    • DJWG

      Most of the “props” are courtesy of Dwarven Forge, which donates them for a plug each episode and also pays for commercial airtime. Ditto a lot of the minis.
      Even their table was free.

  6. Connor Spencer

    Who knew playing D&D could make so much money

  7. Tom

    Not only do they just charity events, but they also have their own nonprofit as well as have been using the revenue to support a variety of good causes since the very beginning.

    • Maya Hutchinson

      Indeed! They’re absolutely brilliant and seeing their hard work go rewarded is really nice

  8. Marc Goodfellow

    Season 3 starts this month, do your homework.

    • Vince Pavey

      Later this month is in the latter end of 2021. Thanks for reading!

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