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Twitch security breach: details of Red Team penetration testing leaked

Another blow in the series of security breaches from the streaming giant

Updated: Oct 6, 2021 6:33 pm
Twitch security breach: details of Red Team penetration testing leaked

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As a part of the huge Twitch security breach today, it was revealed that documents pertaining to their Red Team penetration testing documents have come out. Meaning that those who were looking into the most intimate details of Twitch’s security have had all of their information leaked online. This means that we’re looking at a significant impact on their security practices as the news of the 125GB leak comes out and we get further information.

What is Red Team Penetration?

Red Team penetration testing essentially means that people try to socially engineer into getting sensitive materials from a company, it’s a common practice among most companies, and heavily relies on the sourcing of contractors in order to get the best information. In Red Team reports, you can expect to see such things as how they got into buildings, wherein their networks might be compromised, or how to slip by unnoticed into a populated area with many staff. We know that Twitch has several offices, meaning that this information can be incredibly damaging to both Amazon and Twitch themselves, as it may also reveal details of Amazon’s penetration testing processes, too.

The impact that this may have on Twitch and Amazon as a whole is enormous, and one thing that they will absolutely be looking out for due to the Twitch security breach is unfathomable, and the absolute nightmare scenario, as specifically mentioned by VGC is the tools that the red team uses to breach networks and security, which may be able to be applied over to other Amazon Products in addition to pretty much anything else that might rely on the AWS data centers. We have yet to see exactly what these tools might be, but it certainly spells bad news for Twitch and Amazon, who as of writing has yet to provide any sort of comment.

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