Update for Microsoft Flight Simulator addresses installation issues

A host of installation errors have now been addressed

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Microsoft Flight Simulator has been a smashing success, bringing the deeply intricate world of hyper-accurate flight simulation to a whole new audience, with beautiful visuals and the entire earth to fly around in. It’s not been without some issues though, with installation difficulties being one of the areas that have generated some complaints, even prompting Steam to alter their refund policy to account for installation taking many hours for some users. With the latest update, Microsoft are hoping to address the problems that people have been experiencing during the initial installation process.

Patch version is available now, and Microsoft are recommending that anyone who has experienced difficulties during installation that has prevented the game from working correctly, should uninstall and start again from scratch. If you’ve not had any difficulties installing the game, this won’t be necessary. They have provided full uninstall instructions for both the Steam and Windows Store versions, along with detailed patch notes, over here.

Beyond addressing the problems related to installation, Microsoft has also fixed a few crashes that were caused by certain in-game scenarios, addressed some problems with bugs in the game’s content manager, and a few other minor fixes.

With a game of this scale, containing literally the entire planet to fly around in, with updating realtime weather, and hundreds of players occupying the game world, it’s unsurprising to see some problems out of the gate. It’s reassuring to know that Microsoft is quickly working to fix some of these issues. Since new entries in the Microsoft flight simulator series are often a decade or more apart, we’re hoping for some kind of continual development adding features and content to Microsoft Flight Simulator for years to come.

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