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V Rising release time is delayed for roughly a few hours

Stunlock reveal the release time is slightly pushed back thanks to some unforeseen issues.

Updated: May 17, 2022 3:20 pm
V Rising release time

Update: It seems you can now buy it on Steam. Might be out. No official news from the devs just yet.

The time is nigh for the V Rising, Stunlock Studios’ newest game launch (in early access). The game is going to offer players the chance to become vampires, along with building their own keeps and forces in servers filled with players and enemy AI. While the developers had 12 UTC in mind for the V Rising release time, it appears there are a few things holding the game back. 

V Rising release time is slightly delayed

In a post on Twitter, the developers stated that “We estimate that there may be a few hours of delay before the Early Access launch today, just clearing a few bats from our crypt. We’ll let you know as soon as we have a more exact time.”

At this present moment of time, there is no locked-in time for the game’s launch. Chances are there is some launch day error preventing the game or the servers from booting. We can only speculate thanks to the rather shortcoming announcement on Twitter. However, the devs state that it shall only take a few hours.

The only thing we can suggest to do is to open up Twitter and set an alert on the V Rising Twitter account. That way you can get notifications when the account makes a Tweet. That is probably the best bet you have of catching the game and getting sucked into the game’s bloody atmosphere. You may get lucky and get a notification from Steam if you are also following the game.

Chances are it will be something like a 4 UTC time launch, meaning players will get it at 17:00 BST or 18:00 CEST. For the USA players, that means you can expect it as late as 12:00 ET or 09:00 am PT. At least that’s assuming those few hours of delay are about right. Again there are no guarantees that these times are correct, just presumptions when the game goes live. We will keep the article updated when we know more.

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