Valorant Queue Disabled – How To Fix Disabled Error

We show you how to fix Valorants queue is disabled’ error

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Valorant queue disabled is a message we all hate to see, just let me in the damn server. While this error can’t always be resolved, with it sometimes being a server-side issue, there are ways to fix it and get back to what matters- gaming. This latest error is preventing Valorant players from entering matches altogether and is a message that pops up, often followed by our disgust.

Don’t worry there is an easy solution, let’s take a look:

Valorant Queue Disabled – How To Fix

This error message usually pops up a couple of seconds after queueing for a match, where it looks as though the queue is proceeding as normal before turning red rearing its ugly head. It doesn’t appear that there is a quick fix while in-game, with re-searching just leading to the Valorant Queue Disabled message appearing again.

To fix the issue, all you have to try is closing your client down completely. Once you log back in, players report that the issue resolves itself, allowing you to get back into the server without further problems.

while Valorant recently acknowledged the ‘Weekly Missions Dissapearing’ issue, stating that the new Patch 3.0 should fix that, we haven’t heard anything on this Queue Disabled error yet. This means you are going to have to use this workaround in the meantime until they come up with a patch to correct this problem.