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Valorant Run it back bundle 2 appears to have leaked

Are you happy with the new datamined Run it back bundle?

Updated: Dec 14, 2021 2:13 pm
Valorant Run it Back 2 datamine

While Valorant may have made the news for its freshly announced winter skins, it appears there is quite a bit of hype on the fresh Valorant Run it Back 2 bundle rumour. One of the most popular Valorant data miners has revealed a potential upcoming store bundle, offering players the chance to run it back with a whole new cosmetic.

Valorant Run it Back 2 bundle – What may be in it?

If the Valoratn Run it Back 2 datamine is correct, we could see the following skins return for a brief window.

  • Prime 2.0 Odin
  • Forsaken Vandal
  • Origin Operator
  • Recon Spectre
  • Tejhter Realms Ghost.

Valorant’s rotating store has had quite a long list of different cosmetic bundles over the years. From the Blast, Reaver and the dragon skin lines, there has been plenty of appearing and disappearing skins, which some people wish they bought. It is part of the reason why Rioty Games made the Vaorant Run it back Bundles. If you are hoping you get a second chance at grabbing any of the mentioned skins, then it is possible you might be able to do so in the not too distant future.

Outside of these windows, there are very few opportunities to get skins. Like in League of Legends, Valorant has a personalized shop event, which offers skins that the game’s AI thinks the players will like. You tend to get randomly chosen five skins, which you can also get it at a discounted price. Other than that, you’re praying the bundle or the skins make a return to the shop.

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