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Meet VHS: the new ‘Blockbuster’ Dead by Daylight game

Hop back into Blockbuster but beware of monsters and beasties at your back in this new game VHS.

Updated: Jan 19, 2022 1:46 pm

You’ve got to admit, there’s something uncanny about old video stores. They’re like those liminal spaces where things don’t feel quite real nor do they feel fake. It’s just right on the border of it all…

So why not have it be the setting for a fun horror game! Granted, they can be a bit eerie but old-school 80s style video stores also have such a great aesthetic to them. That dark yet neon brightness could be the perfect stage for a game. Oh, what’s that in the horizon I see? A game that’s exactly all of these things? A horror/fun multiplayer game set in an 80s style video store? How convenient! Well let me formerly introduce you to VHS!

What is VHS?

I hear you ask… Well it’s not the Video Home System from days gone. Those tape cassettes are long gone, only to be remembered by us few. No, the VHS I’m talking about is Hellbent Game new game. VHS takes on a similar play-style to Dead by Daylight and Friday 13th. With a 4v1 gameplay and a variety of monsters hunting down four teens.


Except, unlike the two previous games, you can’t escape. The teens have to kill the monster, using tools they need to build at their disposal. Which adds further difficulty and provides a new challenge. Not ot mention it distinguishes itself from the other games without being a ‘rip-off’.

Even better, the game is free to play! So, no doubt it’ll be abundant with microtransactions!

VHS release date

Here’s the bad news. It’s not currently out nor does it have a release date just yet. But by the looks of promo and what the developers are showing off, it might not be too long now. It’s currently in Early Access, meaning you can play it but it won’t be a finished product just yet. So be patient with the game and developers! Or wait til the full release!

VHS Closed Beta

And here’s the good news! There is currently a Closed Beta available that you can take part in! Here you can join the Beta today and get to experience the game for yourself as we near the eventual full release.

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