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VOID Interactive reveal a loose Ready or Not roadmap for January updates

VOID Interactive reveal a teaser of what to expect of Ready or Not's January updates.

Updated: Dec 31, 2021 11:50 am
VOID Interactive reveal a loose Ready or Not roadmap for January updates

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VOID Interactive, the developers behind the hit new tactical SWAT game, Ready Or Not, confirm updates are coming in January. The developers took to Twitter to post a Ready Or Not roadmap of sorts for January 2022. VOID’s post details all the major updates we can expect for the game within the next four weeks.

Ready or Not January Roadmap

The key aspects of the Ready or Not’s January roadmap for features plenty of new content via expanded gamemodes. There are five new gamemodes now playable across the following existing maps.

  • Raid – 213 Park Homes
  • Bomb Defusal – Port Hoken
  • Hostage Rescue – Ceasers Car Dealership
  • Active Shooter – Wenderly Hill Hotel
  • Hostage Rescue – Wenderly Hill Hotel

While the extra game modes on different are great, there are even more weapons to experience this. Void confirms that four new weapons are coming to Ready or Not in January, featuring:

  • R7 – Pepperball gun (non-lethal)
  • SCAR – 5.56 AR
  • Krinkov SLR – SMG
  • MK1 – 5.56 AR for Supporter Edition owners

Moreso, the developers are committed to launching general QoL updates. One of the common complaints of Ready or Not is the poor and older voice acting, such as the Mexican maid comment. VOID states in previous statements confirm these are older placeholder VO’s, which don’t reflect the commitment to quality it wants from the game.

In addition, there are general graphical updates to some of the older gun models, such as the M9A1, G19 and throwables. While these are the main features players can expect to see change or improve through January 2022, the devs confirm bug fixes and micro patches will come. 

This content will come to the Supports version first for testing purposes. Those with the regular version of the game will get it later. The actual patch dates for this content are not known. Keep your eyes peeled on the VOID Interactive Twitter account when this patch content and future content gets revealed.

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