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The Warhammer 3 Daniel, Daemon Prince Chaos Undivided meme is still going strong

Are you familiar with the Warhammer 3 Daemon Prince of Chaos Undivided meme?

Updated: Jan 26, 2022 3:43 pm
warhammer 3 daemon prince

Back in mid-January, Creative Assembly first revealed more on the Warhammer 3 Chaos Undivided mechanic. The developer showcased their Warhmmaer 3 Chaos undivided faction, featuring the different forces of Chaos. During the showcase dev blog, they also revealed more information on how the new Chaos Daemon Prince legendary lord worked.

For those that missed out, players have the opportunity to create and customise their own player-owned Daemon Prince in Warhammer 3. The more players reaped and sowed Chaos across the land, the more the players are able to decorate their dirty demon to their heart’s content. However, while this is supposed to be a terrible thing, the Warhammer 3 Daemon Prince Daniel meme is making it more humorous than it needs to be.

At first, the meme only appeared during the initial announcement. A trip over your own words incident happened, where the demon got referred to as Daniel. While it was a joke on Reddit for a few days, a tweet today (January 26) shows that the meme has yet to go away.

The poster art of the Warhammer 3 Demon Prince has people quote retweeting and or replying to the comments referring to it as Daniel. The best bit is Creative Assembly is responding to it. If the Warhammer 3 daniel meme is well and truly alive, then it means the Daniel meme will continue until Warhammer 3 launches later in February.

Forget Abaddon’s Black Crusade, the realms of man; vampire, elf, orc, dwarf, lizard, ogre, and gobbo will need to do something to stop Daniel’s black crusade at this point. This meme seems like the Craig meme in Halo all over again. 

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