Watch Dogs: Legion – Ubisoft Showcases the New NPC Recruiting Process

watch dogs legion game trailer

Ubisoft used Google’s Gamescom Stadia Connect presentation to shed new light on the upcoming open-world cockney rebellion sim Watch Dogs: Legion with a brand new trailer, dubbed Welcome To The Resistance.

We’ve seen quite a bit Legion already thanks to a lengthy reveal at E3 back in June and Gamescom dove further into fleshing out Ubisoft’s re-imagining of a post-Brexit London plunged into turmoil as an oppressed surveillance state contends with an ever more rebellious populace.

With a further emphasis on how just about any NPC in the game can be recruited to do the player’s bidding to take back the city, the trailer hones in on several potential draftees.

We have Victor, a pint chugging thug who’s damage resistance doubles when he’s had a few drinks, or Sue a high flying city lawyer who ups the chance of getting operatives out of jail. The highlight is, however, a trigger happy elderly gentleman by the name of Alan.

Sporting an ornate, gilded Napoleonic helmet he roams Trafalgar Square with an assault rifle. Unsurprisingly, his bonus is significantly increased damage when wielding rifles. There is a catch, though, as poor old Alan hasn’t been to the doctor in a while and is prone to dying randomly. And, when he drops dead it’s permanent.

Each Londoner has a distinct set of skills and an origin story that makes them ideal candidates for particular types of missions or jobs. A variety of motivations unique to each character gives the player leverage to gain their trust after completing a distinct task to help them out.

Watch Dogs: Legion is penciled in for release on March 6th, 2020, on PC, PlayStation 4, Google Stadia, and Xbox One.