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What is the Future of Overwatch after Microsoft acquired Activision Blizzard?

Updated: Jan 18, 2022 4:40 pm

After the discovery that Microsoft have now acquired Activision – and thus Blizzard – many people were wondering what the state of their favourite games might be. Considering the sheer popularity of Overwatch, whether you love it or hate it; questions have been raised about its future now. Overwatch saw a spike in popularity towards its initial release in 2016. Though the number of players has slowly dropped off. Mainly due to a plethora of reasons, though the more notable ones were the game’s unbalanced nature. With new characters dropping that were so drastically overpowered that they ruined the game for a lot of people (looking at you Brigitte).

Microsoft Claims Blizzard

The questions that arise from this new acquisition are simply: what does that mean for Overwatch? Well it seems that since the last Activision scandal, the company has grinded to a halt. Clutching their pearls and basically pausing any work on their games, including Overwatch and Overwatch 2.

Now that the studio is under new management, this could mean that Activision will:

A) Be held accountable for their past mistakes.

B) Move onto a new and better phase of their development.

Overwatch McCree

Then again, this could also come from some of the heads at Activision. Those wrapped in the scandal who’re taking what they have and leaving before more comes out. Hence the very surprising acquisition, it might have been a very sudden thing on their part.

Overwatch Progression

Overwatch 2 has been delayed over and over again, with no release window in sight. No doubt because of the Activision scandal having put a lot of the team on halt. Activision Blizzard mentioned “higher voluntary turnover” and “the departure of a number of individuals across the company” as factors contributing to this new delay. Although, under new management might bring a new era to Overwatch and it’s development. At the very least, we can expect to see the ball rolling once again.

Then again, it’s also worth considering the very unlikely scenario that Microsoft could abandon the name altogether. Although this is unlikely, there’s a possibility as they may think the name is tarnished after the Activision scandal.

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